Certain business checks need to be in place within the CRM application so that erroneous data cannot be created to start with. These are rules which could be put in place within Salesforce itself instead of coming from ERP application. With these validations in place, all the data meet business rules and is clean to start with. This saves problems further in the business cycle.

Video Demonstration

This video demonstrates putting in validation within a custom module called Purchase Order. Purchase Order has a lookup field for account. The requirement is that only those accounts could be chosen which are vendor.

More Examples of Validations

Below are certain validations which make sense for companies in certain cases. Exact validations may however vary from organization to organization. The ones listed below will definitely trigger thought process.

1. Avoid new Quotation creation for accounts with bad credit rating

If the customer has a bad credit rating or has been historically a slow payer, then you may want to block a new quotation creation.

2. Stop selling to Inactive Account

You may want to stop selling to an inactive account. For this a validation, can be put into place which checks status of Account before you can sell to that company.

3. Limit the discount offered by Salesperson

If the salesperson is giving more than 20% discount on the listed price for any product, Salesforce should alert him the same and restrict him while creating that opportunity line item.


Validation rule is a great way to implement business checks without putting in a single line of code. It helps you make your business process efficient by having the correct data in place the first time.

Now, you can easily integrate Salesforce CRM with your back-end ERP and automate your business process!salesforce-integration-with-ERP

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