Accepting Credit Card payments directly from SAP Business One is quite an old as well as a standard practice. A lot of organizations using SAP Business One take payment directly from their SAP. In fact, many of our customers operating in a B2B model take orders online through an eCommerce portal but they have the customer’s credit card details saved in SAP and the card is directly charged from within SAP. The idea is to create a connection between the payment gateways and your SAP Business One. As a mandatory step before getting into this practice, you must ensure that your connection to the payment gateway adheres to PCI compliance standards.

There are some good add-ons available in the market to help you achieve the ability of authorizing and capturing credit card payments right from your SAP Business One. However, I will be introducing you to two of the most popular and trusted ones in the market. Each of them come with a unique proposition along with their capability of connecting to payment gateways for charging the credit card.

B1 iPayment

A credit card processing Add-on from the house of a popular SAP partner – Boyum IT. With this add-on, you won’t even need to save all the payment details in our SAPB1. B1 iPayment allows you to generate a web page link that you can send to your customer where they can enter their credit card details. Alternatively, if you are getting the Credit card number over the phone, you can directly enter on that web page. The credit card details are all directly stored in the online vault of the payment service provider (PSP) ensuring PCI compliant standards. Hence, neither the add-on nor your environment needs to be PCI compliant.


The PSP then shares a tokenized or encrypted version of the card details with B1 iPayment which is stored by B1 iPayment in your SAP Business One.


Based on your business process, it can be configured whether you want to trigger the payment authorization process from the Sales Order, Delivery or A/R Invoice. As a best-case scenario, users authorize the payment after Sales Order creation and the payment is captured/settled when you create the Delivery Document or Invoice. An Incoming payment entry will also be created automatically (in configured).

Some key features:

  • Compatible with multiple payment gateways.
  • No credit card details stored in SAP database.
  • Credit Card handling outsourced to payment gateway for PCI DSS compliance.
  • Configure batch authorizations, settlements, and refunds.
  • Use multiple Credit Cards in one transaction.
  • Doesn’t need to be PCI compliant.

You can watch a demo recording of B1 iPayments here: Configuration and usageSAPB1-integration-with-ecommerce


This payment add-on has been developed by CitiXsys Technologies. They are one of leading solution partners of SAP and are popular for their solutions –  iVend Retail, Inventory Pro and iCharge. The add-on is both SAP certified and PCI standard validated and is compatible with all versions  – 9.2, 9.1, 9.0 and 8.82

By using iCharge you can save the Credit Card details in the Business Partner Master Data. Customers can be selectively enabled for Credit Card payments. It is recommended that you control the visibility of the Credit card details among your SAPB1 users. The General User setup screen in SAP is enhanced by this add-on to increase security. You can selectively configure which users in SAP will be able to see the credit card numbers.


Also when already logged in, clicking on the encrypted Credit card number will prompt the user to put in their login credentials again.


Only Authorization can be optionally triggered at Order, at Order and Delivery, only at Delivery & Settlement can be triggered at Invoice. Alternatively, you can configure to authorize and settle together at Order. After the payment is accepted, the details will be populated in the Incoming Payments section.

Some key features:

  • Compatible with multiple payment gateways.
  • Credit card details stored in SAP database.
  • PCI compliant with full encryption of credit card data.
  • Configure batch payments using iCharge wizard.
  • Use multiple Credit Cards in one transaction.
  • Integrated with hardware device (swipe machine) for VeriSign/PayPal and payment processors.

Now, you can easily integrate SAP Business One with your Ecommerce Store, Marketplace, CRM, Shipping and POS Systems.SAPB1-integration-with-ecommerce

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