SAP Business One Upcoming Features 2022-23 (1)
When it comes to ERPs, SAP Business One is a name known to all organizations. It is a highly coveted and reliable ERP solution that can handle and manage complex scenarios and processes for a company. With its out-of-box features and a zeal to provide the best to its users, SAP Business One has always come up front with innovation and action. Every year, SAP launches a set of new features and enhancements that bring about a paradigm shift in the solution. This year, at the SAP SMB Innovation Summit Manila 2022, SAP unveiled the new solution scope and the upcoming features for the SAP Business One Web Client for the year 2022-23. With these new feature additions, SAP now aims at delivering quality solutions to its users and creating an experience that facilitates perpetual growth for organizations. Let’s see what features did SAP unveil!

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SAP Business One Upcoming Features 2022-23

SAP recently took the opportunity at the SAP SMB Innovation Summit Manila 2022 and unveiled the new and upcoming features for the SAP Business One Web Client. Following are some of the highlighted features to be introduced, followed by a list of all the upcoming features. APPSeCONNECT was glad to be a part of the SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2022 and had a great time there, networking and contributing to the SAP Community.

1. Flexible Deployment: On-Premise and Cloud

SAP Business One is now introducing flexible deployment methods for its users on both on-premise and cloud solutions. This will offer more power to the hands of the users and help in managing and deploying all the crucial business processes as per the owner’s convenience.

2. Sales and Purchasing Documents, CRM and Service

SAP Business One will now make it easy to work with Sales and Purchasing Documents and maintain a sync within the different teams associated with the data. It also aims at identifying the data and preparing it for the CRM, where the business owner consolidates it.

3. Sophisticated Analytic and Charting Capabilities

With the upcoming features, SAP Business One will also have a brand-new Analytics and Charting section that will allow the organization to dive deep into its operations and processes and identify elements to improve and maximize the business. The platform will offer newer and industry-leading capabilities that will elevate SAP Business One to the next level.

Integrations – Microsoft OneDrive (Excel, Word), Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams

One of the biggest announcements that SAP made this year was the introduction of  SAP Business One integrations for 3 new applications – Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams.  With these integrations, SAP is now aiming at bringing disparate systems together and building a connected ecosystem to support digitalization.

  • With the SAP Business One and OneDrive integration, users will now be able to easily transfer files and data between the two systems and maintain the accuracy of documents all the time e.g. Sales and Purchasing Documents, Invoices, project scopes, etc.
  • With the SAP Business One and Outlook integration, business owners will have a streamlined and connected email solution at hand. Emails within the two solutions regarding shipments, bills, inventory updates, customer requests, partner emails, etc. would be seamlessly available to concerned people readily.
  • The SAP Business One and Microsoft Teams integration provides a channel for the SAP system to quickly communicate with the employees of the organization – it will be designed to send messages regarding the business processes at work, errors faced during execution, team requests, trigger-based, event-based and scheduled messaging, etc.

SAP Business One Upcoming Features

Here are all the SAP Business One upcoming features that were announced at the SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2022:

  • Payments and Journal Entry
  • Items and Business Partners Master Data
  • Time Sheet
  • Good Issue
  • Documents Draft and Approval Process
  • Basic Extensibility Support
  • Web Assitant Adoption


With these, SAP concluded its SAP Business One upcoming features’ list and asked everyone to hold on tight for the launch. SAP has consistently worked hard to offer the best solution to its users over the years, and this year too, we witnessed it go beyond its limits to provide the best. It is expected that SAP Business One will soon have the abovementioned features and the community will contribute to improve it by the day. Furthermore, by integrating SAP Business One with other LoB applications via an intelligent integration platform, business owners will be able to unlock the full potential of their solution and take their business to newer heights!

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