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Important Things to Remember When pricing a New Product

A new product launched in the market always strives for success. A new product needs to have a lot of features to catch the attention of the customers. This can only happen when the product is advertised and marketed well. It is seen that many well-advertised and good marketed products failed to survive in the […]

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Successful sales campaign: The golden rules you should know!

Sales campaign are special short term designed strategies to trigger the sales conversion. This concept is used for converting potential leads into the customer by using one or more channels. In practical business ambiance, companies should not solely depend on sales campaign to promote customer traffic, but from the marketing perspective, sales campaign promotes the product as […]

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Our integrations are dynamic in nature. The mentioned offerings are the cumulative possibilities of the platform (actual scenarios are specifically organization/business-dependent). For any disparity, please refer to the latest version of the integration brochures.