Are you looking for Shopify experts who can help you set up your e-commerce business? Well, setting up an e-commerce business is challenging but easy; challenging because you have to keep pace with your ever-growing competitors, and easy because there’s help readily available.

As online stores are mushrooming all around us, several e-commerce platforms such as Shopify have emerged. Shopify, in particular, is a remarkable platform that has helped thousands of online businesses to find success. If you are considering giving your eCommerce website the Shopify-touch, you will probably need to seek Shopify experts’ support and guidance while setting up an online store or migrating it from another platform.

To keep yourself updated with latest e-commerce industry news, here are 13 Shopify experts you should follow on Twitter:

1. Wolfpoint Agency:

Wolfpoint Agency is a Shopify Plus expert since 2016. Based in New York, Wolfpoint Agency helps you to build an e-commerce website using standard processes tailored to meet your brand’s and your target market’s needs. Their Twitter account is highly informative and useful for budding start-ups that are struggling with various aspects of online marketing, such as social media marketing and analytics. Make sure you follow their Twitter profile actively because they keep updating with interesting posts.

Shopify Expert - Wolfpoint Agency (2)


2. BSS Commerce:

BSS Commerce is one of the best Shopify experts to choose from for Store Design & Set-up, Apps Development, and Migration services. The Shopify Expert boasts hundreds of 5-star reviews, almost a decade of experience, and a team of skilled developers. On BSS Commerce Twitter, you will find a curated selection of eCommerce news, the latest Shopify trends, and hundreds of marketing ideas to rocket your sales.



3. We Make Websites:

Based in London, We Make Websites is a Shopify expert with over 7 years of experience. They have established themselves as an innovative and trusted e-commerce service provider that breathes life into fledgling e-commerce businesses through top-end websites. We Make Websites helps brands to streamline their website and increase their ROI. Their active Twitter presence can be leveraged to stay updated with e-commerce news and advice from experts.

Shopify Expert - We Make Websites


4. Ben Hubbard:

Ben Hubbard is a web developer and designer based in London. He also specializes in digital market and provides necessary assistance to entrepreneurs who wish to set up their online store. Ben Hubbard is a Shopify expert since 2013 and maintains an active presence on Twitter. His tweets are mostly about latest industry and online business news. You should definitely be following him if you want to know about interesting Shopify ideas.

Shopify Expert - ben hubbard


5. Underwater Pistol:

Underwater Pistol is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in London, having a successful track history of developing and launching e-commerce websites. As a Shopify Plus expert, Underwater Pistol focuses on providing the best e-commerce solutions to brands and establishing them in a competitive online scenario. You can follow their regular tweets on latest e-commerce trends and retail guides for getting a clear picture of e-commerce business and stores.

Shopify Expert - Underwaterpistol


6. The Hope Factory:

This Melbourne-based full-service digital agency has a decent following on Twitter as a Shopify expert. The Hope Factory is a leading web design company that has a large portfolio of satisfied clients. The top-end e-commerce solutions of the company have established them as a trusted online store expert. Their tweets are practical guides to web design and online store hosting on Shopify. Follow them if you are new to the realm of online retail business.



7. Jordy Heis:

If you have a fashion brand and you wish to establish it strongly online, Jordy Heis is the right Shopify expert for you. Based in Melbourne, Jordy Heis specializes in the fashion segment and helps fashion brands achieve what they want- sales. He tweets on design and e-commerce insights for budding fashion brands. If you are into online fashion or clothing stores, go to his profile and hit follow to get regular updates on fashion e-commerce.

Shopify Expert - Jordy Heis


8. Pointer Creative:

Pointer Creative is a Shopify Plus expert based in Ottawa, Canada. Pointer Creative has a large portfolio showcasing their ability to provide seamless e-commerce experience to leading brands. The company has a decent fan following on Twitter, where it tweets regularly on various e-commerce news and solutions. Follow them to get amazing tips about Shopify-run online stores and website design.

Shopify Expert - Pointerintegrate-shopify-with-ERP-appseconnect

9. Ethercycle:

If you want to turn your business idea into a revenue-generating online store, you should definitely consider Ethercycle. Based in Illinois, Chicago, Ethercycle is a Shopify expert that can guide you through the conversion funnel. Their Twitter account is the ultimate destination for novice entrepreneurs who are looking for actionable guides to generate revenue from their online store. Ethercycle’s Twitter profile is what you need to follow to understand social media marketing and generating revenue from Shopify eCommerce stores.


Shopify Expert - Ethercycle

10. Stacelynn Caughlan:

Stacelynn Caughlan is the founder of the Idea Lounge, a provider e-commerce solutions in Vancouver, Canada. Stacelynn Caughlan has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, e-commerce strategist and designer. She maintains an active presence on Twitter so that budding entrepreneurs can access necessary guidance while hosting their online store on Shopify.


11. Arianne Foulks:

Arianna Foulks is the founder of Aeolidia, a web development and digital marketing company in Seattle, Washington. Arianna Foulks is a Shopify expert empowering brands with top-end e-commerce solutions. She tweets regularly about e-commerce businesses and ways to set up an online store. Her tweets reflect her expertise in brand communication, packaging and retail marketing. Follow her on Twitter to stay updated with interesting marketing news and tips for online businesses.


12. MEM Creative:

If you are setting up a store in California, MEM Creative is the Shopify expert you need. With over five years of experience, MEM Creative has catered to the needs of both small and large e-commerce companies with their practical and applicable solutions. The company maintains a Twitter profile with the name of “Square Space”, where they showcase their portfolio and expertise. Their tweets are particularly useful for entrepreneurs who are looking for retail marketing and e-commerce solutions.

Shopify Expert - Squarespace


13. SOVI Creative:

SOVI Creative is a digital e-commerce solution provider based in Toronto, Canada. SOVI Creative is a Shopify expert having a large portfolio of leading brands. Their expertise in web and online store development has helped several merchants to set up their e-commerce store. If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest Shopify trends and news, SOVI Creative’s Twitter profile should certainly be on your list.

Shopify Expert - SOVI Creative


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