The more you upgrade, the more you get the features. The same thing goes with Shopify Plus. Once you upgrade to Shopify Plus you actually enhance a bulk number of features.

Let’s discuss one by one about the features you get after upgrading to Shopify Plus. So, basically, we will acknowledge Shopify Plus Vs Regular Shopify Store and try to understand the additional features we will get after upgrading to Shopify Plus!

Top Features You Get When You Upgrade To Shopify Plus:

1. Script Editing:

Shopify Plus allows a user to edit scripts as per the requirement. For example, you can customize your website’s checkout dynamically like if a customer makes any changes of quantity or size that will recalculate the cart total automatically. So, you can modify the scripts as you like even in customer fields, shipping methods, and payment options.

2. Replicate Store:

If you want to modify some scripts but you don’t have any test instance or store then Shopify Plus would be the best choice for you – your Merchant Success Manager can provide you a replica of your live store! They will replicate your Live Shopify store along with the theme, products and all other data. Just build your script and try there. Once you get the script that you required, use it on the Live store. You can get multiple instances at free of cost.

3. Automate Process:

Shopify Plus provides you the access of great automation tools which can automate the process from inventory, orders, products to customer sections to security all without coding. It reduces the complexities and provides you an easy to use visual builder. Also, Shopify Plus is highly compatible with application integration – an intelligent integration platform such as APPSeCONNECT can easily integrate Shopify Plus with other business applications to bring more coherence and focus to the business.Integrate-Shopify-ERP

4. Launchpad:

It also provides a Launchpad where you can monitor major commerce events like flash sales and product releases. You also can monitor schedule theme or content changes to publish and unpublish automatically.

5. SSL certificate:

Shopify Plus provides Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, a site-wide SSL certificate. It redirects traffic from HTTP to encrypted HTTPS, data protection, and risk assessment for every order. Now, sites are more trustable if they have SSL certification. Customers do business with those familiar websites which have EV SSL Certificate. This is one plus point to upgrade to Shopify Plus. It gets the customer’s trust and increases the traffic of the website more.

6. Support:

Shopify already provides 24×7 service; after upgrading to Shopify Plus you will get E-commerce largest advisers’ support and they will help you to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.Integrate-Shopify-ERP

7. Integration Level:

Shopify always allows the user to enhance the compatibility and add multiples apps to Shopify. Shopify App also allows you to extend your compatibility and integrate Shopify Plus with others 3rd party platforms like PIM, ERP, 3PL, WMS etc.

8. Capabilities:

Shopify Plus provides an unlimited bandwidth with scalable SaaS hosting that equates to a fully supported and reliable solution. It allows 4 million hits/second. The store will be up even in the festival days because Shopify Plus allows 8000 orders per minute to be placed. It also provides 200TB storage capabilities to the customers.

9. Discount Feature:

By using the script editing feature you can use multiple types of discounts like percentage-based-discount, buy-one-get-one-free-discounts etc.

10. Shopify Payment Complexities:

In Shopify Plus, you can have the feature of payment card details saving which will reduce the payment making steps and will save the time of the customers.

Now, you can easily integrate your Shopify Plus Store with other business applications and automate the business process!Integrate-Shopify-ERP

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