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All You Need To Know About Shopify Unite 2018


Shopify Unite marks the third annual partner and developer conference which brings together people to celebrate shared accomplishments and accolades, fabricate new connections and ignite the future of the eCommerce market with the help and widespread adoption of this robust platform. As they say, Where People and Ideas Unite, this awesome conference was held in Toronto, Canada from 7th May to 9th May.

Though a lot happened at the event, the challenges and complexities of international expansion of the eCommerce business was of the major concern. Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke gave a brilliant brief of what the major platform changes were, including multi-lingual Shopify, Inventory API etc.

The conference also witnessed the enriched presence of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who encouraged and supported the innovative ways Shopify was using to change the eCommerce market.


Even the Canadian Prime Minister was excited to be a part of this conference.

Shopify expert and a bestselling author/keynote speaker Amber Mac was all delighted to be a part of the conversation with the two big Men, Justin and Tobias.

Loren Padelford, VP and GM at Shopify Plus made it clear that the young generation is the key to success for the upcoming future.

With its continuous expertise in the industry, Shopify gives the freedom to the users to grow their online business like never-before via the innovations brought forward in UNITE. With the years passing by, we can expect Shopify eCommerce to change the way people do business.

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