The eCommerce business has seen a continuous and perpetual growth over the years and has emerged as the #1 choice for growing businesses. With the right push at the right spots, eCommerce owners can expect appropriate ROI for their ventures. While there are many major aspects that define the growth and success of an online business venture, the ERP-Shipping integration proves to be a crucial one – to improve productivity, increase efficiency, bolster customer satisfaction, complete the order fulfillment cycle and increase overall Sales. The ERP-Shipping integration specializes in reducing inventory costs with a superior reporting and fewer errors.

To understand the benefits of ERP-Shipping integration, APPSeCONNECT recently organized a webinar in collaboration with ShipStation, an online shipping platform on “How Integrated Shipping Solution and ERP Can Improve Order Fulfillment Time”. The webinar was scheduled on 17th January and the key points were:

  • Introduction to ShipStation.
  • eCommerce Order Fulfillment pain-points/speaking and discussion.
  • How proper Shipping Management can ensure quicker order fulfilment.
  • How ShipStation can help with omnichannel order fulfilment.
  • Benefits and increased efficiency from the ERP-Shipping integration.
  • ERP-Shipping data exchange helping in quick order fulfilment.
  • Live Demo.

We had Cubby Mellinger from the ShipStation Team who was joined by Subhajit Goswami from APPSeCONNECT. The webinar focused on what ShipStation was meant to provide to eCommerce businesses and how the integration of an ERP and ShipStation might prove to be useful for the business.Integrate-ShipStation-and-ERP

We would like to thank all the attendees who joined this amazing webinar. We hope it was useful. In case you have missed the webinar, you can check this Webinar Recap out which we have recorded:

Webinar: How Integrated Shipping Solution and ERP Can Improve Order Fulfillment

There are many aspects that define the growth and success of a business venture. We recently had a Webinar on how Integrated Shipping Solution and ERP Can Improve Order Fulfillment Time. Check out the Webinar Recap now!

Here are a few Question and Answers that were addressed during the Webinar:

1. BigCommerce has a default connection with ShipStation. So, if I am allowing my customer to add a custom note or if I am maintaining some data in custom fields in BigCommerce will that go to ShipStation?

ANS – Yes, any note from the selling channel directly is taken care of – buyer notes, internal notes, custom notes, etc.

2. Can there be customized plans – 500 monthly shipments but access to 3 concurrent users?

ANS – In ShipStation, one can add users at $5/month. So, if any user wants to customize their plan they need to pay $5 more for each account.

3. What kind of support does ShipStation provide? Are there any additional costs?

ANS – There is no additional cost for support – for the first 30 days the support is going to be handled by an Account Manager where a user gets their direct phone number, email address and a link to schedule a meeting with them from the first-time signup itself. It is more like a walk-through. Then after that, ShipStation has chat, email, live chat support which professionals looking into them.  For the enterprise users, ShipStation has a separate team which has a dedicated inbound phone support, chat support, etc.

4. What is the average setup time for ShipStation? Can we do it all by ourselves?

ANS – It depends on what functionality we want in ShipStation but it can be done by ourselves easily. For e.g. if we are connecting a BigCommerce account with ShipStation with a few different carriers, it should be a matter of minutes. One can have few automated roles, orders imported in and the carriers connected just within 10 minutes or so.

To know more and follow the webinar in detail, watch the video above. We have also provided the webinar slides here:

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Now, you can easily integrate ShipStation with ERP and automate the business process!Integrate-ShipStation-and-ERP