Woocommerce releases 2.6 version Beta 2

The world of Woocommerce is abuzz with the upcoming release of version 2.6, code named ‘Zipping Zebra’ in Q2 of 2016. This would be the second major release of 2016, after the release of Woocommerce 2.5 at the beginning of the year. The 2nd Beta version of Woocommerce 2.6 is now out and if you are interested in testing the new features, you can download it from their GitHub account.

This new version packs various new improvements over the previous ones.

    • Shipping Zones introduced: Shipping Zones have been defined, allowing you to classify groups of locations as a Zone and assigning them multiple shipping methods, multiple flat rates and other features, all without using any extension. Suppose, you can define a Shipping Zone California that caters to all residents of California. Then only those customers with shipping addresses in California can see the shipping methods applicable for them.
    • Altered My Account page : ‘My Account’ page has been revamped to be tab-based. Content is classified under vertical menus or tabs on the left side. By navigating between the tabs, you can easily access the corresponding data tables. So instead of shortcode pages with rolling data display, the new ‘My Account’ page is neat and user-friendly. This modification will also help developers to add more custom tabs as required.


    • AJAX Calls for Shopping Cart: During checkout, if customers change cart quantities, apply or remove coupons, or even update shipping methods, they don’t have to refresh the entire page anymore. The JavaScript part of the code will automatically update those specific areas, thereby providing a better user experience.
    • Filter by Rating : New functionality has been added to filter products by their user ratings.
    • New Payment Token API : Storing and managing user payment info has been made easier. Now users can choose to save their credit card details and use that information during future transactions. Users can also manage their saved payment methods from their accounts.
    • New version of Woocommerce REST API : Since Woocommerce has been included within core WordPress from version 4.4, a new Woocommerce REST API has been designed based on the WordPress REST API.

Current API for order retrieval is


In the new REST API, this is


  • More than 100 new currencies along with Bitcoins have been included.
  • Template changes : Various templates have been altered in 2.6, like :
  1. single-product/review.php
  2. order/order-details.php
  3. myaccount/downloads.php
  4. myaccount/view-order.php
  5. myaccount/payment-methods.php
  6. myaccount/orders.php
  7. myaccount/navigation.php
  8. myaccount/form-edit-address.php
  9. myaccount/form-edit-account.php

There are various other changes too, but most of them are minor code updates. For more detailed updates, you can check here.

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