How to generate SAP Solution Manager Key for the installation process ?

SAP Solution Manager is an important application management tool mainly for end users to implement new developments and up-gradations in SAP ECC System.

Why is SAP solution manger required?

The major function of SAP solution manager is to ensure installation or up-gradation of SAP ECC for which SAP solution manger is required to generate a “SAP Solution Manager Key” during the installation process. Without this key installation cannot be continued further.

Benefits of using SAP Solution Manager for your SAP ERP system:

  • By using SAP Solution Manager for SAP ECC System leads to much more efficient implementation and operations.
  • Projects become more focused when it has up-to-date documentation all at one place at any point of time.
  • The implementation content provides complete SAP Information that are required for implementing unified or cross-component business situations.
  • You can also avail this information for your project by going through the pre-equipped implementation content which will help to start off the project.

Procedure for generating “SAP Solution Manager Key”:

  1. Login to SAP Solution Manager and Go to Transaction SMSY.
  1. Go to the Menu and click on “Landscape components” and then select “Product Systems”. A screen will appear like this.
SAP Solution Manager


  1. Now, right click on Product Systems and you will get a window named “Create New Product System”. A screen will appear as shown below.


  1. Here you need to enter all the details regarding your system. Firstly, enter the SID or System Identification Number and select product type from the drop down.
  1. Depending on the SAP system select the product type like SAP ECC, SAP CRM, etc. Also select the Product Version and Installation number from the drop down list.
  1. After entering the details click on “Create Product”.
  1. Once completed, click on save button. This will successfully create a new product system. A screen will appear like this.


  1. Now again go back SMSY Transaction and click on landscape component.


  1. Click on Select Object as shown below. It will take you to another window as shown below. Now click on the highlighted key icon.


  1. This will take you to the final window where you will be able to collect the key generated. A screen will appear like this.
  1. Provide the System ID and Number and then Message Server. Now click on “Generate Key” button. This will generate your installation/ upgrade key.
  1. A note of this key should be made which you got to enter while installation or up gradation.

This is how you can generate SAP Solution Manager Key.

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