SugarCRM : Best Practices for Sales Users

Satisfying a customer is the best business strategy. SugarCRM completely agrees to the fact and offers you an amazing CRM solution that automates the customer service, core sales and marketing processes. SugarCRM allows a great deal of customization, i.e. you do have the option to set-up multiple custom data modules and data fields.

It is essential for you to chalk out your CRM activities and ideally you should do it before executing the best practices and work flow. While chalking out your strategies, ensure you incorporate fields within your modules, in order to match the steps in your defined sales process.

In this blog, I will state the following best practices to come up with the best sales process within SugarCRM:

  • Learn the CRM module:

A module is created so that you can divide the accounts into different sections within SugarCRM.  The diagram given below will show you the actions which take place in SugarCRM’s sales and marketing strategies and is unlike each module. To create a workflow, it is important that your modules should work in contrast. The workflow must be accessed through a linear, i.e. step by step process. Few examples of the modules are:

  1. Leads
  2. Contacts
  3. Opportunity
  4. Contract (sales)
SugarCRM : Best Practices for Sales Users
  • Use fields while applying CRM strategies to the module: Based on the business process simply set–up fields within the modules in SugarCRM. Few of the fields comes out of the box in Sugar, for example, first name, last name etc. The CRM strategies defined in this step is given in the diagram above. Few fields (information) require that they be included in each module in the CRM, for the next step in sales and marketing. For example, check the diagram given below where it is shown that we won’t be able to save a lead in the record, unless certain fields are filled up. Now I will show you how it is done. I will simply convert the lead into contact upon the qualification. I won’t be able to convert anyone into contact, unless a lead record is created. Also I am not allowed to create the lead record until all the fields are filled in.
SugarCRM : Best Practices for Sales Users
  • Through a funnel, filter the lead and set-up the fields with the module: Firstly, create a funnel. Secondly, you will need to have the correct strategy and modules in place and SugarCRM will convert the workflow into a sales funnel. The best practices enable you to bring leads via CRM, module by module, till the end of the funnel.

The diagram given below will explain to you the actions which take place:

SugarCRM : Best Practices for Sales Users

Hope this is useful in your case!