Sugarcrm Mailchimp Integration

Sugarcrm leads in Commercially Open Source CRM software. MailChimp is the most widely used email marketing software. Not too long ago in March 2016, a module was released for Sugarcrm which is capable to integrate these two applications in a seamless bi-directional manner. The major features of this integration module are:

  • It neither has any restriction on total number of users nor is it feature limited.
  • It can Sync Leads, Contacts and Accounts from Sugarcrm to MailChimp and vise-versa.
  • You can map your list fields to your leads, contacts and accounts as per your requirement.
  • With this integration module you can also sync selective records to MailChimp lists, Groups and Groupings that have configured “Sync Selected Records” in the CRM detailed view under MailChimp configuration.
  • The module also comes with a Log that maintains the list of all successful and failed sync processes.
  • All the synchronizations happen through secured MailChimp’s API.
  • The users have the ability to create their own workflow to add/update/delete records in MailChimp.
  • The users can schedule Sync to happen between Sugarcrm and MailChimp as per their own choice.
  • Individual member summary can also be seen from this module to check the total number of Campaigns sent and the clicks that happened.
  • Data points such as total number of bounces, open clicks, etc. can also be seen in this module.
  • MailChimp can be used as a control panel for operating this module.
  • Bi-directional sync of modified data like Contacts and Lists can be done easily.

SUGARCRM MAILCHIMP Control PanelThe cost of this module at present stands at USD 149.99. (Details here)

The module is partially protected by ionCube Technology. Hence, ionCube loaders version 4.4 is a must for using this module as because it does not support Localhost.

Mailchimp’s integration with SugarCRM will help you keep your customers always updated via email.

To ensure more customer satisfaction it is important that you are always on top of your data and numbers! For that, it is very essential that you connect your SugarCRM with your ERP systems like SAP Business One or Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Our integration solution will help you let your customers to be updated on each step of their order fulfilment, thus maximizing the trust they have on your business. You can opt for a 30 Day FREE Trial and check it out for yourself.

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