SAP Business One HANA – What does it mean for your business?

SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA is available from SAP B1 8.82 up to the latest version 9.2. It contains enhancements and additions meant to support the growing needs of a SME. SAP developed HANA as an in-memory database platform which uses innovative techniques to store Customer’s data that is particularly suited for handling very large amounts of relational, data with unprecedented performance.

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Data Transfer in SAP Business One version for HANA

Transferring data to and from SAP Business One is one of the basic and most important activity. Exporting and Importing of Critical Business Data, might be in hundreds of thousands in numbers accurately is a challenging task. For this task we often use DTW or Data Transfer Wizard in SAP Business One.

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SAP Business One on HANA now available in Amazon AWS

SAP responded to the growing market demand, SAP Business One on HANA now available in Amazon AWS under EC2 AWS Plans

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