39 Shocking Ways Connecting SAP and Magento Can Kick-start Your Retail Business

If you are tired of SAP and Magento replicating data or making duplicate entries, what you need is a connector to synchronize data between the two and stay in sync and in control all the time. A connector helps you have the cake, and eat it as well: you get to continue leveraging your SAP, and also use Magento to sell your products on attractive ecommerce websites. You don’t have to worry about duplicate entries, mixed transactional data and various other issues that arise when using SAP alongside Magento.

SAP ECC to Magento Sync – Part 1: SAP Merchandise Sync With Magento

SAP and Magento integration also requires enormous data sync as far as master data is concerned. This article demonstrates the first part pertaining to Merchandise sync which forms the basis for any B2B or B2C commerce. Products need to be properly categorized, updated and maintained in both in your ERP as well as at the front end. Also in the B2B context, the customer information along with the relevant details needs to be pushed from SAP so that commerce can happen.

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ERP Ecommerce Hybrid Connector : Offering best of both cloud and on-premise integration

A hybrid Ecommerce-Ecommerce ERP Hybrid Connector which delivers the best of both cloud and on-premise solutions and completely eliminates the risk of compromising on data security.

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