Does it worry you that the potential customer who was just about to make a purchase on your online store abandoned the cart? Worry not, for each cart abandonment is an opportunity in disguise as it provides valuable and genuine leads that can be tracked down with the help of specialized plugins. These plugins help you to bring back customers to your online store by reminding or luring them with offers/coupons and persuading them to complete the purchase. It’s a process of re-engaging with the customer and thereby building a relationship with them, which would result in loyalty for your brand, increase in trust, and result in a higher possibility of future purchase.

Following are the 15 best Cart abandonment plugins that can be used to increase eCommerce sales on your online store.

1. Abandoned Cart Lite

The abandonment rate on an average is about 70% and Abandoned Cart Lite is a Woo-Commerce plugin that helps you to trace people behind cart abandonment. With Abandoned Cart Lite, there is no cart abandonment WooCommerce can’t handle. Don’t forget to check out these Tricks to Customize your WooCommerce Store!

Some of this plugin’s features are:

  1. The guest user’s cart is captured on the checkout page and the user is followed up on the email address which he has provided.
  2. Helps the user identify the abandoned order’s information, which includes the products that were abandoned.
  3. Lets the user recover their abandoned carts in just a single click.
  4. Comes with a default template which can be tailored as required and all the customer details like name, product cart information, and cart link information can be personalized.
  5. Provides unlimited email templates that could be sent at regular intervals, which can be customized. These email follow-ups will be stopped automatically, as soon as the customer makes the purchase.
  6. Provides instant notification to the admin as soon as the purchase is completed and also tracks the abandoned order value versus the total recovered order value.

2. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

It is a time-tested, feature-rich and comprehensive abandoned cart recovery plugin that works with any WooCommerce supported theme. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin comes with the following features:

  1. This Plugin works with both members and guests. It constantly monitors and captures abandoned carts and sends automatic emails using mail templates at specified times.
  2. Comes with multiple email templates, thanks to which you can send an initial email without a coupon, and if the buyer does not respond then you can send a follow-up email with a coupon code to attract the customer into finishing the purchase.
  3. The Plugin provides manual mailing option, automatic coupon code generation that can be included in email, and captures phone number for manual follow up.

3. YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

There are many causes for the customer to abandon their carts like postponing the purchase, lack of capital, sudden distractions which cause the user to forget what he was doing. YITH WooCommerce for WordPress comes as a ready solution that would help you remind your customer what and where they left and encourage them to complete the purchase.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart’s premium version enables the customer to do the following things:

  1. This plugin creates a loyalizing system and sends coupons or customized emails to your customers in their language as its capable of sending emails in different languages.
  2. Recover certain user carts so that you can schedule and provide coupons, and set a strategy that will benefit only those special and privileged customers.
  3. Helps passing guests who have added products to their carts and convert them into customers.
  4. Link customized template to any cart and receive notifications when each recovered order becomes a purchase.
  5. Takes advantage of the WPML compatibility and comes with a very powerful multi-language system that lets you recognize the domain of the user and send email in their own language.

4. Cart Reports

Cart Report Plugin lets you view cart abandonment statistics and graphs from WooCommerce Dashboard, which is real-time metrics on your customer’s open and abandoned shopping carts. This helps you to keep tabs on your customer’s cart and administer your online store more competently.

Let’s take a quick look at the features of Cart Report plugin:

  1. It’s a very easy to install and manage
  2. A detailed dashboard with comprehensive date-range reports.
  3. Helps you contact the customer when they have logged in but have abandoned their shopping carts.

5. EDD Sales Recovery

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a great plugin to ensure that sales recovery takes place without affecting your business in any manner. The plugin comes with a number of benefits and features:

  1. Discount codes are provided to users who abandon carts.
  2. Instead of looking for all abandoned carts, the plugin looks for only those which are incomplete or those abandoned carts which look promising.
  3. All activity can be tracked in dashboard
  4. This app is slightly more complex than the others available, but is loaded with features.
  5. EDD Sales Recovery is compatible with any WordPress site


6. Conversion

Conversion, previously known as Receiptful Abandoned Cart is a plugin that’s compatible with any website, and it comes in free and paid versions. Along with helping you avoid cart abandonment, this plugin comes with features to send custom emails.

Following are some of the advantages of Conversion:

  1. It provides more features than other plugins and you can customize emails based on the visitor.
  2. It can be customized to treat every customer category different and can show all the items that the customers left in their cart.

7. Jilt

Jilt is a great tool which is compatible with WooCommerce and Shopify. The plugin has many great features for recovering sales, especially if you have a number of stores. However, Jilt is one of the more expensive plugins available today for e-commerce cart abandonment.

Following are some of the features of Jilt:

  1. Jilt is great because you can personalize each email with names and other details.
  2. The email templates are very basic and their pricing policy is a little tricky but it comes with many useful features.

8. Social Coupon for WordPress

The Social Coupon for WordPress plugin helps merchants to encourage shoppers to share content socially, and be rewarded for that. You can set up this plugin wherever it suits you: be it the checkout page, where the product is listed, or anywhere else you may find it prudent.

The moment a user shares your product link, a discount coupon is generated, which the user can apply before checking out. Only if the product is shared socially will your customer get the discount, thus ensuring that you not only get social shares but also assured sales.

9. OneStep Checkout v4

As the name itself mean the OneStep Checkout v4 extension reduces the six standard Magento checkout steps down to just one. Rapid and easier checkouts lead to more customers completing their orders, and it reduces Magento cart abandonment.

One of the biggest reasons why cart abandonments happen is because checkouts take too long, When a lot of time is spent in ensuring that the checkout process is completed, people get frustrated and abandon carts. Using a plugin like OneStep Checkout v4 will help you to avoid this situation. Know more about Magento One Step Checkout!

10. Quick One Page Checkout

Quick One Page Checkout allows you to automatically generate the right experience for each shopper by providing quick checkouts. Sellers can treat each visitor as a unique customer and hence will have fewer cart abandonment.

Some the features include providing personalized offers to increase order volume, automatically detecting hesitating shoppers, rewarding loyal customers with discount coupons and providing real-time coupon and promotional offering.

11. Recart for Shopify

Recart for Shopify provides automated Facebook Messenger campaigns for abandoned carts. The plugin also features optional discount codes, order receipts, purchase follow-ups, etc. Recart provides tools to run email campaigns, push notifications and SMS alerts when carts are abandoned so that you can recover abandoned cart. Don’t forget to check out these Tips to Speed up your Shopify Store!

After all, the most important thing a shop owner would want is a mechanism through which he or she is alerted via SMS or push notifications. If you are a small business that sells very few products and would like to be notified when there is a sale that could have taken place but is abandoned, this plugin will come to your rescue.integrate-business-apps-through-appseconnect

12. MoonMail Recover Checkouts

MoonMail Recover Checkouts is an excellent Shopify Plugin that is fully customizable. It helps you to internationalize your templates, and the powerful WYSIWYG editor takes your shopping cart to the next level.

The app can be paused and unpaused at will. It helps you to recover abandoned carts, track the customers, and persuade them to purchase what they had abandoned previously. Using this app will ensure that you will recover abandoned cart, leading to increased sales figures.

13. Abandoned Cart Remainder

The Abandoned Cart Remainder is a Shopify plugin tracks who is shopping at your store and then goes to another tab. Your store tab starts blinking thereby attracting the customer to come back. Customized messages can also be displayed.

There is psychological mechanism to this plugin. It creates a sense of urgency in the user by blinking when he is about to abandon his cart and thereby alerting him to return and complete the checkout process. Customized messages take this psychological persuasion to the next level to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

14. AbandonedCarts

AbandonedCarts is an OpenCart plugin and one of the many cart abandonment solutions. It provides loads of features like automated notifications, custom email notifications, discount codes, and statistics. It is a well-known fact that most store owners would like to know who is abandoning carts, and what makes them do so.

The most important way to get to the bottom of this problem is to gain access to statistics that help you to understand why people are abandoning carts. This tool brings with statistical and analytical reports that help you to understand what is really wrong, and how you can improve your website to enhance sales figures. Custom notifications and codes help you to recover abandoned cart.

15. Smart Abandoned Cart

Smart Abandoned Cart is an OpenCart plugin that provides popup view, multi-language support, customized backgrounds, email notifications etc. OpenCart users often find it difficult to find the right cart abandonment plugin to suit their website. Smart Abandoned Cart ensures that OpenCart stores can track each customer cart abandonment and pursue the customer so that the checkout process is completed.

Use plugins and stop worrying about cart abandonment

Abandonments aren’t the end of the world, and the customers can easily be tracked and they can be persuaded to buy again by providing coupons and personalized benefits. All the plugins listed above provide much more benefits than just abandoned cart tracking and you will be spoiled for choice with features that range from custom messages, analytics to discount coupons.

Now, you can easily integrate your line of business applications viz. ERP, Ecommerce, CRM, Marketplace, Shipping and POS Systems under one single platform and automate your business process!integrate-business-apps-through-appseconnect

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