Checkout is an important step of a sales process where a customer is a few clicks away from making a purchase and a store owner is about to make a sale. However, if the checkout process is tedious and lengthy, the customers might find it to be uselessly time-taking. Customers will be happier if the checkout process is smooth and fast. This way we also create a chance for them to likely return back to the store for making future purchases simply due to the ease of the checkout process. One can compare this with a sales process in a shopping mall where people always look for a shorter queue to fulfill the checkout process.

To achieve this goal, one can easily configure the One Step Checkout in their Magento store.

One Step Checkout combines of all necessary information such as billing information, shipping information, shipping methods and payment methods in a single page which is displayed all together. Magento checkout process customizations will allow the customers to fill or edit any field at any step they think necessary during the checkout process flow.

With Magento One Step Checkout, customers will be able to complete the checkout process in a few steps as it automates the process and henceforth, reduces the checkout time.integrate-magento-with-ERP-2

Magento One Step Checkout Provides the Following Features:

1. It reduces checkout abandonments since it makes the process convenient for buyers.

2. It enables buyers to apply Coupon Code in the Magento One Step Checkout page.

3. Returning customers will also be able to login on the same page.

4. Guest Checkout is available.

5. Lesser clicks/steps are needed to make the purchase.

6. There is an increment of store conversion rate due to the One Step Checkout process.

Key Benefits of One Step Checkout:

1. Default Magento has multiple steps to complete a checkout process. Moreover, with the multiple steps process, it is not possible to view all the information about the purchase at once, which in turn brings down the interest of the customer trying to make a purchase. However, with Magento One Step Checkout, a customer will be able to complete a checkout process in lesser number of steps as compared to default Magento. Also, the customers would be able to see all the purchase related information at once.

2. One Step Checkout narrows down the multiple processes of Magento multiple steps checkout in a single page. With increasing number of pages, there is a chance of customers getting frustrated and abandoning their carts.

3. Customers will easily be able to navigate through the checkout process using Magento One Step Checkout as compared to default Magento.

By the above article, it is evidently clear why and how a faster checkout process might be helpful for customers thinking about making a purchase from Magento. From a company’s point of view, not only does it make the sales process smoother and faster, but also allows the organization to have a clear look at the increased customer satisfaction via sales. Magento One Step Checkout is going to be the best way to achieve these requirements of the businesses as well as be a tool to provide better service to the probable customers on the Magento eCommerce site.

Now, you can easily connect your Magento Store with the back-end ERP/CRM System to automate your business process!

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