Adobe brings their latest developments, and a sneak peek behind the things they have in store for the future with their online Adobe Summit 2022, which was hosted through their own Adobe Experience cloud platform. The company pioneered the platforms for designers to create digital experiences for customers, and they continue to spearhead innovations for online customer experiences. The Adobe Summit 2022 virtual event was also a conglomerate of some of the biggest thought leaders and industry veterans sharing their knowledge and insight regarding the industry’s future.

The digital summit kicked off with a comprehensive keynote featuring insights from the CEO of Adobe itself, Satanu Narayan, and the Digital Experience President of Adobe, Anil Chakravarthy. The event also brought together the CEO of Nike, John Donahoe, industry leaders from Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), Prada, Real Madrid, American Cross, and marketing entrepreneur and actor Ryan Renolds, to share their knowledge on how customer experiences play a critical role in shaping the ever-expanding digital economy.

The event was an enormous success, with over 200 informative sessions and announcements for amazing new things Adobe is bringing to its community. Come, let us take a look at the key takeaways of Adobe Summit 2022!


Adobe Summit 2022 – Major Highlights

The core theme of this year’s summit revolved around personalization and enabling a richer customer experience. There has been a technology-enabled shift in organizations, where digital platforms are being used to do things virtual that were previously done in the real world. The keynote by Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen and Digital Experience President of Adobe, Anil Chakravarthy, shed light on the magnitude of the impact technology is making in business operations and the lives of people.

The Major Keynotes from Adobe Summit 2022

With changing unique needs of customers across the industry, the call to action for Adobe has been to develop and deliver personalized customer experiences that focus on creating emotional connections throughout the customer success journey.

The opening keynote by Mr. Shatanu Narayan underlined how great customer experiences lays the groundwork for building a strong emotional connection and how those experiences need to be delivered to the end customer in real-time with the right context and medium. Moving forward, Adobe aims to develop an ecosystem with the mindset of Adobe for All, Creativity for All, Technology to Transform.

Digital Experience President of Adobe, Anil Chakravarthy also shared his views on the changing landscape of digital commerce and how enterprises can tap into this enormous opportunity by achieving personalization at scale and providing those personalized experiences in real-time across all channels, both offline and online. He also announced the launch of the new features they are bringing in for Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise, Adobe Experience Manager and many more.

Following up on that, an interview with Rosalind Brewer, CEO, Walgreens Boots Alliance highlighted how personalized digital technologies are evolving the medical and pharmaceutical industries and how such technologies have helped them during the pandemic and beyond.

The presentation by actor and entrepreneur, Ryan Renolds showed how storytelling is a core pillar to a marketing campaign and the presentations by Lorenzo Betelli, CMO of Prada and Red Cross presented how personalized experiences is necessary for providing luxury as well ensuring help for those in need comes faster than ever before. Real Madrid also demonstrated how technology has enabled them to provide a customized experience to over 600 million of their fans from around the globe, across several touchpoints.

The keynote concluded with an interview with the President and CEO of Nike, Inc, John Donahoe, who discussed how technology helped keep sports enthusiasts going during the pandemic and the expanding possibilities of emerging technologies like the Metaverse and NFTs are bring in for both sports enthusiasts and sports merchandise collectors alike.

To explore the summit keynote in detail, check out the keynote over here.


Major Announcements – Adobe Summit 2022

The summit also brought great announcements regarding new tools and features Adobe is bringing in this year. Mr. Anil Chakravarthy took the stage to reinforce their focus on providing tools for end-to-end scalable personalization to the customers and introduced the innovations they are making to achieve that goal. The announcements included:

  • Adobe Real-Time CDP integration with Adobe Target to enable an analysis of customer data and action as a part of on-site and in-app personalization toolset.
  • Adobe Real-Time CDP Connections for delivering instantaneous performance through the Adobe Experience Platform in association with Edge Networks distributed servers.
  • Adobe Real-Time CDP B2B Edition to enable B2B brands to leverage Adobe Sensei, Adobes AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine to predict lead and account scoring to determine the likelihood of a prospect or account proceeding to purchase.
  • Adobe Workfront integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise along with Adobe Experience Manager Assets to power end-to-end content creation delivery consistently through connected teams and at speed and scale.
  • Adobe Experience Manager integration with Adobe Sensei to enable Marketers to now leverage the power of Adobe Sensei to quickly create and repurpose content with smart tagging, cropping, and imaging, allowing the delivery of unique experiences across all customer segments.
  • Introduction of new features in Adobe Journey Optimizer to enable personalization for Omnichannel Journeys.
  • Introduction of a new Audience Portal to allow marketers to dynamically activate the right audiences and to target within their journeys and campaigns through the Adobe Journey Optimizer.
  • Enhanced decisions through new AI and machine learning algorithms to optimize the next best step for a customer at any point in their journey.
  • Introduction of Dynamic Chat for Adobe Marketo Engage to accelerate customer journey through recommended chat content to guide personalized customer conversations.
  • Improved B2B and B2C capabilities for Adobe Commerce with Intelligent Commerce Capabilities to enable merchants to leverage AI to suggest relevant products based on shopper behavior, product features, visual elements, and popular trends to help improve conversion and retention.

Adobe Summit 2022 Innovation Super Sessions

The digital summit hosted over 100 engaging sessions that talked about industry trends, ways to provide scalable personalized experiences, and real-life customer experience examples. Out of these, the following are the must-watch Super Sessions!

Customer Journey Analytics: Insights into the Rest of the Story

Personalized customer experience is the key. Brands, in the quest to design a personalized user experience, are losing valuable resources like – opportunities to connect with customers and marketing resources. Omnichannel insights are the forces at play behind personalized customer interactions.

Watch the session to learn how to derive value from an existing set of information and how to strategically use it in discovering stories about customers.

Watch Now

Personalization at Scale Powered by Adobe Experience Platform

The expectations around personalization have spiked in recent times. The traditional tech stacks and point solution integrations are struggling to live up to expectations. Adobe brings forth the power to transform challenges into opportunities. Watch the session to learn the latest product innovations and gain practical insight into them.

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Content Personalization That Delivers Business Value

Content has emerged to be the competitive indicator of a business. As a result, brands need an intelligent content system to deliver a remarkable experience, bring operational efficiency, and optimize business value. Check out the session to learn about Adobe’s content solution and scale personalization to establish a unique customer experience.

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Personalized Commerce for Digital Business

Personalized commerce curates personal experience, scalable shopping, and unique buying experiences for customers and builds customer loyalty, that spells success for any business be it digital or physical. Learn how Adobe Commerce helps businesses with conversion strategies, through this session.

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Orchestrating and Delivering Personalized Consumer Journeys – A Guide By Adobe Summit 2022

To deliver a connected and unique user experience, brands ought to prioritize both marketing strategies and CX to deliver value. Learn from the session to creatively manage customer journey effectively and deliver scalable personalization.

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Orchestrate B2B Customer Journeys Across Marketing and Sales

Along with digitization, the popularity of B2B marketing automation has dramatically increased for great customer relationships are rooted in personalized experiences. Adobe encourages businesses to orchestrate buyer journeys across both marketing and sales touchpoints and discover the potential of unified customer profiles.

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When Marketing Work Flows, Customer Experiences Do Too

Personalized customer interactions gain vigor from an intelligent and scalable content engine. From the session learn how to leverage Adobe Workfront to connect the dots between products in your Adobe marketing stack, and boost customer experience by linking marketing strategies to creativity.

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To explore all the sessions from Adobe Summit 2022, click here.

Adobe Summit 2022 went by in a flash but brought along with it, lasting knowledge, and insight into what the future of digital commerce has in store. As always, Adobe also brought amazing innovations to the forefront, and we hope to see them bringing such industry-shifting solutions for years to come.

Looking forward to connecting with you all again at the summit next year!

Till then, stay safe, stay inspired!

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