Amazon seller get reimbursed by Amazon

If you are an Amazon FBA Seller, you may be steadily losing money over the past months.

As Amazon FBA sellers, you send your inventory to Amazon warehouses and all further order fulfillment is taken care of by Amazon. However, while your products are in Amazon warehouses or even during transit, they might get lost or damaged. According to Amazon’s FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy, these items will either be replaced with the same FNSKU or you will be reimbursed an evaluated replacement value of your lost inventory. Though this reimbursement is automated, often, if you monitor your account, you will find that the inventory value has not been credited back to your seller account.

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Over the last few months, many sellers have reported never being reimbursed or they have been reimbursed with values much lower than their actual market value.

Keep an eye on the Amazon reports, especially Inventory Adjustments Report for damaged inventory. The current process is once the damaged inventory is detected, you will be automatically reimbursed after 10 days. Unfortunately, that is not the case always, so you should look out for the reports and reconcile it to detect which reimbursements are pending and can ask for a refund.

In this blog post, we will cover how you can look for such items and reclaim the lost money.

  1. Log in to Seller Central and look for Reports > Fulfillment. On the right hand, you will find Inventory Adjustments.
  2. Click on the time range and select destroyed/damaged/lost to run the report.

    Inventory Adjustment on Amazon
    Fig: Select Damaged, Destroyed or Lost to generate those reports
  3. Copy paste the report to a spreadsheet for better analysis.
  4. Sort by FNSKU (3rd row) in your spreadsheet.
  5. Delete the lines with both “Damaged at Amazon.” and “Transfer to holding.” as Amazon has automatically reimbursed these items.
  6. Delete lines with “Transfer at holding.” status.
  7. Reconcile the items and save the file as .CSV document.
  8. Open a new case with Seller Support asking for a refund of items that were destroyed, damaged or lost from Help > Contact Us.
  9. Open cases under “FBA Issues” > “Other Issues”.
  10. Write an email asking Amazon to look into the matter and attach the .CSV file.

    Contact Amazon with .CSV file
    Fig: Mail Amazon with the .CSV file
  11. Amazon Support team will get back to you within 12 hours and start the reimbursement process.

Now that you know how to look for these items, dive into your Seller account and reclaim the lost money from Amazon.

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