APIs are the initial building blocks that help build a certain software or an application. These detailed subroutine definitions, dedicated tools, functions, and procedures and communication protocols together enable the API to create crucial requirement-catering software. API Management refers to the process of creating, designing, modifying, deploying, managing and analyzing APIs in a secure environment. It is an agile development framework for internal and external use.

How do we know how APIs are like LEGO blocks?

  • Standardization – Just like Lego, APIs serve as universal, standard building blocks. In the case of APIs, these building blocks create an application or software.
  • Usability – APIs prove to be highly usable and can be easily leveraged since it comes with all the necessary information and adequate documentation.


  • Customizability – Just like Lego blocks, working with APIs give the user the option to choose and combine different APIs for different functionalities. This helps in catering various requirements put forward.
  • Innovation – The user gets the option to try and mix-and-match various APIs in different ways and create smarter hybrid solutions for the required functionality.

Here is a comprehensive SlideShare that will talk in details about how APIs are like Lego blocks and how might they shape the future.

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