Audeze efficiently integrated their application integrations and states that APPSeCONNECT is the “glue that allows us to connect disparate marketplaces and our ERP system.”

Audeze, founded in 2008, was brought forward with the single mission of providing the best quality sound in the headphones and accessories industry. Audeez employs groundbreaking dynamics to enrich the customer and the musical experience for our users. Being a manufacturer based in Los Angeles, they produce their products indigenously and often build uniquely built parts that are not available anywhere in the market.
INSYNC’s integration solution APPSeCONNECT is the glue that allows us to connect disparate marketplaces and our ERP system. It is working great and it has reduced our delivery lead time and stuffs associated with delivery enormously. We are very happy with their product and support and would recommend it to anybody looking for a solution to automate their systems. The team is super reliable and really dependable.
Sankar Thiagasamudram,
Founder & CEO at Audeze
Project Overview
Having a substantial customer base already, Audeze was keen on catering to its users worldwide. They were using SAP Business One as their back-end ERP system to maintain critical business processes. Also, Audeze employed Shopify eCommerce as its storefront to cater to the customers. However, one major challenge that came their way was the management of the multitude of data and systems that were being employed in the business. These systems were disparate and they collectively were inefficient for the business processes. Audeze was in need of a smart and robust integration platform that could connect all their existing systems and bring coherence to the data and the processes.
The Challenges
  • Integrating SAP Business One with Shopify eCommerce.
  • Managing Customer Group codes based upon different customers from different countries.
  • Managing Tax codes in SAP-based upon different regions.
  • Managing multiple address information of a customer within two
    different applications.
  • Managing products with their several variants and showing correct
    stocks for them.
  • Error in data due to manual intervention.
The Solutions
Integrating SAP Business One with Shopify eCommerce via APPSeCONNECT,
  • Fully automated application integration between SAP Business One and Shopify eCommerce.
  • Management of Customer Group codes and tax codes based on countries and regions enabled.
  • Management of multiple address information in both systems configured.
  • Uniquely designed business flow to suit the requirements with a strong and
    reliable integration architecture.
  • Managing syncing of orders containing a subscription or virtual item enabled.
  • Updated Business Partners with correct address information in SAP.
  • Streamlined business operations and processes.
The Benefits
  • Completely seamless integration of applications.
  • Easy and automated management of sales orders.
  • More time on innovating, less on managing.
  • Reduced manual effort and updates.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Saved a lot of time and resources due to efficient real-time data exchange.
  • A perpetual rate of business growth.
APPSeCONNECT Differentiators
  • Proactive support during implementation and post-implementation process.
  • Bi-Directional sync.
  • Excellent customer service even with the time difference.
  • Comprehensive features and functionalities.
  • Deeper integration, scalable and customizable.
  • Fully automated sync in real-time.
  • A robust and easy-to-use platform with experienced professionals.
  • Software Scalability, support for eCommerce Growth.
  • Geographic expansion is facilitated.
  • Improved efficiency in business processes.
  • A boost in the productivity of employees.
  • Quick implementation and an affordable solution.

Los Angeles
Electrical & Electronics
Company Size:
​50-100 employees
Products and Services:
Headphones, earphones, gaming accessories.

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