Moving from a conventional brick and mortar store to a full-fledged Magento e-store is a wise decision to take. And the best part is, despite being a non-technical person, you did not have to look much into the development of your ecommerce website. You just provided the features to the 1. developers and they did it for you. Seamlessly!

But just when you thought that all you need to do is sell your products, you realize that you are now the admin of your e-store and you will have to handle your e-store day in and day out. This might scare the daylights out of you! As an Admin of your e-store, you might have to manage the backend of your store which includes activities like managing orders, maintaining customer records, generating sales reports and more. Now, you cannot possibly do it all when you are busy traveling and meeting new prospects to expand your business.

So, how do you keep a track on the activities of your e-store while you are on the move? Well, there is a way out. Thanks to the technology. You can search for a good quality mobile app and integrate it with your Magento e-store. Thereafter, you can have all the management and information of your e-store on your mobile. Let us look at the ways in which managing the Magento Backend from Mobile can benefit you:

Benefits of Using Magento Admin Mobile Application:

1. Manage Your Dashboard Easily

Not too many and options and not to less is often the requirement of e-store owners when it comes to managing a software. The Magento Backend Admin Applications available today provide you with attractive dashboards that come with customized modules to suit your requirements.

Let’s say you want to generate sales reports with details like average order value, number of orders, total sales etc. you would be able to do it with ease. That too, based on specific duration. You can also handle multiple stores (if any) from the backend of your mobile and keep yourself updated on the stock activity of those stores.

2. Product Management on The Go

When it comes to product management, you need to be swift and efficient. If you take hours together in managing your products, you might not be able to give justice to other business development tasks. If you have started small, you might not have many products in your kitty.

But as and when you grow your business and add new products, there arises a need to keep a track of product inventory so that they do not run out of stock. You can find a Magento based extension that helps you to view, add, and edit products from the backend without getting you overwhelmed. But ensure that the extension comes with a user-friendly interface.ERP-Magento-Integration-1

3. Get Notified Instantly

There is a possibility that even if you have a Magento Mobile Admin installed in your mobile, you might not be constantly looking into it. During such cases, you need a system that keeps you updated you about the latest orders, stocks, and inventory additions through notifications.

Once you get these notifications on your mobile, you can act upon them instantly. Furthermore, you can also interact with your customers and answer their queries. By remaining proactive with these aspects of your e-store, you would be able to make better sales and achieve the desired success.

4. Stay Connected to Your Customers

Making interactions with your customers can get difficult for you if you do not have their details on your fingertips. And once you get the information, begins the prolonged ordeal of finding their contact information, sending emails etc.

Instead, you can make the most out the Customer modules available on these apps and manage the account details of your customers from the backend. You can also keep yourself acquainted and updated with their product orders and send emails/messages from within the system. Remember…each interaction is important and can make or break your sales. So, ensure that the app you invest into offers you with a seamless customer management feature.

5. Know Where You Are

Imagine riding on a horse with a blindfold on your eye and not having a control over where the horse is heading to. A Magento Admin app that doesn’t provide you with reports can put you in a similar situation. Without them, you would not know which items your customers like, which are your best-selling products and what is the figure for the average number of items for every order.

A superior quality admin app will have the facility of report creation using which you would be able to create reports for the information you want, whenever you want. These reports will become a roadmap for you and will be able to know how to drive your business in the right direction.

6. Keep Track of Sales

Sales are the maker or breaker of your business. And hence, you must have access to products orders along with their billing and shipping details. The system should also enable you to generate invoices for all your orders as and when you want.

For your confirmed orders, you can create hard copies (if the need is) by using a print command from your mobile app. Let’s say you want to know the sales status of the past week, month or between dates, you can also obtain the same.

There’s a common goal when it comes to managing a Magento e-store. You should be able to do it in less time with more efficiency. There are several companies that provide Magento Mobile Admin apps with the functionalities mentioned above and more.

But, before you invest into one of these, it is important for you to have a demo of the product. In case, one or more features are missing, you can ask the developers of the app to inculcate them for you. To make that possible, you might have to shell out a little more than you usually would. But in the end, it would be worth it!

Now, you can easily sync your Magento store with the back-end ERP/CRM System to automate the business process!ERP-Magento-Integration-1

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