“AdWords isn’t for small businesses” – this slogan is already heard by all marketers, but surprisingly it becomes a myth. But how it helps your SMEs or enterprises for prolong feasible growth, is today’s topic for discussion. Once you go properly through this article, you will get significant insight about the ability of this Google marketing platform to empower your eCommerce business, at the same time you will understand some stiff challenges as well.

Why AdWords for your E-commerce business is an ‘absolute necessary’:

Why Google is the first-choice Search Engine

Google, as per many research and data prediction, is the most used search engine which people all over the globe use primarily for their search requirements. Different thought-factors are used by the searchers to find desired results – may it be images, videos or text-based information. Google’s sponsored segment in the search result is the pivotal area most people are looking for their requirements. However, other Ad platforms have popularity and they are already proved viable but Google is the leading player in the consumer segment. If you are in eCommerce business, you should always focus on the buyer’s area with strategies to capture good leads for future conversion to increase the ROI for your business.

AdWords’ Data Perfection is a most trustable area

As a marketer, you need to believe in the data statistics shown by the Ad platform you are using. It plays a crucial role to make further strategies for your business promotion. Proper metrics is the only area which you can depend and call your instinct to take a decision about what target audience you choose and what to exclude. When you use Google Ad platform for your eCommerce business, you have the ample opportunity to promote your products to certain locations, based on that zone’s optimal time (in hours or days). You also can also narrow down your target audience with further filters like income level, age, gender etc to gain high level of control over your advertisement.


Compete with big players in E-commerce Industry through Ad Platform

Once you start advertising for your eCommerce product through AdWords, your ad not only be placed in the top placement in Google, it will also be displayed next to your competitor. That will be a real challenge for the sustainability for your business. The quality of your ad (Ad rank) will ultimately decide your loss or gain percentage. Once your business has certain USP and ad fragment has attractive texts, quality images, ROI-friendly landing pages, proper call-to-actions (CTAs), you will get palatable results. Also, quality review for your products is another important thing that will help your eCommerce business to beat your competitors, thus increasing return-of-investment.

High-level of competition for eCommerce Business

Unlike other businesses, eCommerce business is growing high with a higher prospect. This trend is running for quite a few years and there is no sign of declining from the growth chart. If you look at the following data (regarding global retail eCommerce sales volume, past and future expected through 2018) revealed by Statista the whole scenario will be cleared. If the industry moves by the current trends, it will be a leading professional industry by 2020.


If you want to get hold of your industry segment, you need to invest tactically in this Ad platform.

Google Remarketing to increase ‘visitors-to-consumers’ ratio

Remarketing is only offered by Google, which is proven to be the best result-driven process to bring general visitors of your eCommerce business again to your website and convert them to customers. Once this technique successfully clicks for your business, you will be floated with huge ROI. It helps you to hit the visitors mind constantly with great offers for the product and allure them to be your potential consumer. Any eCommerce business striving for their existence in a highly competitive field must think about re-targeting investment for their business.

AdWords Challenges for eCommerce industry

AdWords encroached most of the market share through advertisement platform as most eCommerce industries spending lacs of dollars to stay in competition. However, with all the pros, there are very few significant cons which as industry leaders or business owners or digital marketers we should keep in our mind always. The cons are discussed below:

  • Clicks value in terms of money It’s obvious that all the clicks will not give you the business. Event most of the time you will observe that huge amount of money is drained through unnecessary clicks with highly competitive cost for certain keywords which you need to check anyway. You must research well on negative phrases before choosing them to narrow down your target and reduce cost. This way, the cost of acquiring a customer holds a higher value than the average purchase.
  • Rising cost for clicks Day-by-day, the cost of each click is increasing because more and more businesses using AdWords. This happens before many business brains are wrongly investing dollars into it without understanding the concept of order value needing to be greater than ad spends per customer. Also some big industries who have a stable cash-flow structure, are reluctant to invest in advertising their product through AdWords. So, small and medium-scale businesses are accruing the competitive keywords for their advertising purpose, leaving no stone unturned for the big players to play in the market. It forces the potential phrase prices to go higher.

Long process to understand the AdWords platform well:

It’s a huge platform which take a long time to learn the platform successfully. It’s not a matter of few days if you want to run your advertisement with lower costs and higher conversions (thus higher ROIs). The platform is constantly evolving with new features, new techniques which you need to capture on a daily basis.

Below listed are some crucial AdWords campaign you opt for if you are running your eCommerce business:

  • Shopping campaign
  • Search Campaign for Brand Keywords
  • Search Campaigns for Product Categories
  • Search Campaigns for successfully Selling Products
  • Dynamic Remarketing Campaign


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