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Company: Catrike

Industry: Recumbent Bike
Headquarters: Orlando, Florida

About the company

Catrike was created in 2000 by Paulo Camasmie, a Brazilian Mechanical Engineer. Over the years Catrike has received multiple awards.
At Catrike they focus on product development, engineering and process design. The results are great products that look fantastic, work beautifully and flawlessly, require very low maintenance, are user friendly, and sure to provide many years of fun and pleasure at an affordable price. As a consequence of that, they make over 2,300 trikes and bikes every year and growing steadily.
Their passion for design & engineering is reflected in their product, which speaks for itself. Production is one of their main areas of strength. They make their frames in house in their facilities in Florida using a production system process they developed themselves. This system is based on lean manufacturing, but adapted and perfected to their needs. They focus on simplicity, reliability, flow and visual controls which makes them a benchmark in manufacturing. They have a great control over quality and an always expanding know how in product design based on the experience of actually making them themselves. They call their system “Flow Manufacturing” or informally “The Cat way”.

Integrating Salesforce CRM and Shopify store with SAP Business One


Project objectives:

Shopify – SAP

  • Integrating B2B capabilities of Shopify with SAP Business One.
  • Automatic synchronization of Customer group wise pricing of items
  • Listing multiple variants of items in Shopify from SAP
  • Automated synchronization of Orders and Shipments with tracking ids.

Salesforce – SAP

  • Listing dealer and suppliers in Salesforce from SAP
  • Listing of Items in salesforce from SAP
  • Retrieve Invoices and Orders from SAP to be shown in Salesforce

Key challenges:

  • Shopify was enabled with B2B features by using an app which is not designed to work in sync with any other external system like ERP. So maintaining prices of items with multiple variants in correspondence to different customer groups was a challenge.
  • Maintaining updated Shipping details in Shopify from SAP
  • Quick Tracking of Web Orders in SAP B1 and a rapid order fulfillment.
  • Having a summary of the sales associated with each of the dealers in Salesforce


  • Fully automated sync process without any manual intervention.
  • End to end mapping between e-commerce/CRM and ERP business objects.
  • Software scalability, e-commerce growth support and geographic expansion.
  • Highly flexible solution capable of adapting to complex B2B/B2C scenarios.


  • Automated retrieval of orders from online store and posting in SAP.
  • Maintain updated pricing of all items with variants in Shopify from SAP based on values from multiple Pricelists associated with different customer groups.
  • Updated data in Salesforce based on new dealer addition or new order fulfilment in SAP
  • All data including legacy order invoices made available in Salesforce to view summary of purchases made by dealers.

The integration between SAP and Shopify has B2B/B2C channel which is proving to be a lot more complex mostly because of the nature of our business.  We sell our Catrikes through dealers only, and we have several group levels and lots of variants. Still they were creative enough to adapt. We had some glitches with our server initially, but it was none of their fault and they were always extremely patient with us.
Also the integration between SAP B1 and Salesforce was a breeze.
The distance doesn’t play a huge factor. Typically, InSync Team and I communicate in the morning when we have to, so they work pretty late if required.
I believe them to be a trustworthy and reliable source. Not perfect, but humans, dedicated and always willing to deliver to their promises

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