Compared to Email marketing, Social media marketing is new. But the question arises what is suitable for your business. Before we proceed, we must know about Email marketing and Social Media marketing.

The aim of ‘marketing’ as a whole is making people aware of your product/service based on your USP and thereby generating lead and/or brand awareness, customer loyalty etc. How to ensure you are actually reaching your customers in an effective way? These days, a new concept of data-driven marketing is also emerging rapidly!

Email marketing is targeting potential/existing customers directly via Email and make them aware of brand updates, product launches, discounts etc. Social media marketing, on the other hand, refers to promoting brand awareness (mainly) over social media websites.

There can never be a comparison between the two. To grow at an international standard pace, you need both Email marketing and social media marketing. But in a situation where you can choose one, let’s see why Email marketing outshines: –Integrate-Business-Apps-through-APPSeCONNECT

Advantages Of Email Marketing Over Social Media Marketing:

1. Social media marketing is widespread. Yes, these days you can predetermine your market-segmented audience but there are chances of “overlooking”. On the other hand, Email marketing targets each potential customer individually. Thus, chances of overlooking are reduced by far.

2. As mentioned earlier, social media platforms are comparatively newer. Thus, the user database for Email is far more superior, as a result, more people can be reached with email than social media.’

3. One of the key strategies to grow your business is to outshine your competitors. And that means- to draw your competitors’ customers to your own customer base. No matter how well you technically outshine your competitors, to draw a customer base you need to have one on one communication. For a customer, receiving a mail-opening and then reading is very much of one on one communication and very different from coming across a social post.

4. According to studies, it is found email marketing has higher click rate and higher conversion rate than social media marketing. The core reason again comes back to more mail user than social media. Also, checking mail once a day is a habit in the modern world now.

5. Email campaigns not only have the maximum reach but it is the least expensive marketing activity as well.


Even if the social media reach is lesser, it has the power to set trends. This can even turn a non-customer to a customer. In certain situations, a viral content can fetch you not only huge brand awareness but also a huge number of leads. This is not possible with Email marketing. Here’s how Social Media can Boost your Ecommerce Sales!

The results expected from Email marketing is generally better but growth is restricted. Combining all the factors it is tough to choose only one but in case you need to choose one, go for what suits your business.

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