Facebook integration with Bigcommerce - another business channel

Social business is helping merchants to move on with more and more engagement and hence generate revenue out of it, which is a remarkable improvement in the quick moving retail industry.

Bigcommerce has come up with such best –in –breed feature to ensure all retailers can sell effectively across multiple sales channels. BigCommerce is eager to report the general accessibility of Facebook Shop for all BigCommerce vendors. The new Shop segment is a critical improvement to a business’ Facebook Page, permitting retailers to showcase their items specifically on Pages.

Merchant’s benefit through this engagement:

  • Pages created on Facebook for organizations usually to build their brand, display their images, provide significant content, distribute and generate visitors for the same.
  • Presently, with more than one billion guests to Pages each month, Facebook is making an outstanding, committed Shop segments on Pages where traders can include their items and even create collection of items to boost item discoverability for the about 50% of the individuals who visit the social site to effectively search for items.
  • Facebook shop has become another channel for the merchants to setup their business and they now have control over making and demonstrating the collection of items on the Shop tab which are most centered around elevating to forthcoming clients.
  • The inventory can be easily uploaded to Facebook from the Bigcommerce control panel.

Consumer’s benefit through this engagement :

  • Customers invest a lot of time browsing the social network, and now retailers have a natural way for customers to visit their stores.
  • When a Facebook user sees an item they like in the Shop segment, they can tap on it and will be redirected to the item page on the vendor’s site to finish the buy or keep investigating different items.
  • Customers would be more satisfied by using the New Facebook shop is accessible in mobile devices and desktops as well.
  • As per the records, it is proved that more than half a billion people use Facebook through mobile devices, so it is more of featuring the product and compatible on mobile.
  • Last but not the least, the Shop segment on Pages provides a subscribe highlight, where users can get notifications from stores when a new item and collections are announced.

This business oriented partnering feature with Facebook, search engine pioneer Google for expanded item discoverability with Google Shopping Feed will bring the merchants and customers in a closed zone for direct business and raising more traffic.

Click here : To learn how to start this feature using Facebook.

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