CompanyGandang Kalikasan

Industry: Retail Headquarters: Quezon City, Philippines Micro vertical: Herbal products. Products/Services: Natural and organic personal care and makeup products.

About the company Human ? Nature is a social enterprise brand of natural & organic personal care and makeup products. Offering 100% no harmful chemicals and products are 100% Philippine made. And the products are comes with unbelievably affordable price. They’ve also received recognition from local and international groups such as the PETA certification for being animal-cruelty free, official nomination to the APEC Women and the Economy Summit for innovations in entrepreneurship and finally the Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2011. Legacy System Human Heart Nature is into Retail Business having both Online as well as Physical Stores. For Online Presence they were using Magento eCommerce having 2 different websites targeting at  different Geographic US and Philippines. Though Online Product Catalog are almost identical in both websites, Pricing are different. Also Human Heart Nature using SAP Business One ERP system to maintain data of the Physical Store POS system and Online Stores over Magento, but this Transactional and Customer Information entry and update was happening manually as well as eCommerce Product Information and Inventory updates are also maintained manually between the ERP and eCommerce system. So they are in a need of an Integrated System for real time sync of Customer and Transactional Data from Magento to SAP Business One and real time Product, Inventory and Shipment updates all from ERP system to Magento eCommerce.  

Integrating Magento eCommerce with ERP Business Operations

Realizing greater flexibility in managing Online Business.

  • Streamline eCommerce operations with Inventory, Order Management and Shipping Process.
  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry and data duplication.
  • Real Time data exchange to ensure Online User’s satisfaction
Key Challenges:
  • Managing more than 35000 Customers Information between Magento eCommerce and SAP Business One ERP system.
  • Stock synchronization from ERP to eCommerce in Real Time.
  • Quick Tracking of Web Orders in SAP B1 and a rapid order fulfillment.
  • Sync Online Payment details to the dispatch and delivery department for shipping.
  • Fully Automated Sync in Real Time.
  • End to End Mapping between eCommerce.
  • Migrating Legacy System Item Information to Magento and automatic mapping of lots of Items with SAP B1 Item Master.
  • Bi-Directional Sync of Items, Orders, Customer Information, supporting B2C as well as some sort of B2B Operations.
  • Integrated and automated Financial Management in SAP Business One against all Web Transactions.
  • Improved efficiency in Sales, Purchase and Inventory Management.
  • Reduced Order Fulfillment Cycle up to 65%, ensuring consumers satisfaction.
  • Ensuring chances for a repeat sales and more traffic in the Philippines and USA website.
Future Plans:
  • Improving B2B business opportunities.
  • Warehouse management.
“APPSeCONNECT has greatly improved our business efficiency, especially the speed and accuracy of order processing and the ability to communicate more swiftly with all our customers. Although we were the first SBO installation in the Philippines and everything was done remotely, we found the process of installing APPSeCONNECT and customizing it to our needs very smooth and professionally handled. With many software companies, customizations are difficult and expensive and technical support can often be a nightmare. But every step of the way, we found InSync reasonable in terms of pricing and extremely efficient in terms of support; in fact they have been one of the most responsive software partners we have ever worked with. We highly recommend APPSeCONNECT and the SBO team to anyone looking to make the most of their investment in SAP B1.” Dylan Wilk (Chief Operating Officer) Gandang Kalikasan Inc

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