How can partner improve the Microsoft dynamic NAV 2015 Upgrade Process?

2014 October, Microsoft introduced the upgraded version of Dynamic NAV 2015. The partners should upgrade the NAV 2015 as best practice. The customer needs to make the important decisions as in when to implement the NAV 2015 to utilize the upgraded benefits.

Navision or Microsoft NAV 2015 got better with the new tool up gradation in 2015 version. Partners having an experience in ERP system, can easily speculate accidental data loss and eventually can prevent such occurrences. Partners can eliminate accidental data loss due to upgrading process and make the process faster and smoother. Partners can suggest improvement on existing business process and can suggest alternatives which can be followed as best practices.

Want to improve Microsoft Dynamic NAV 2015 upgrade process? Try the following:

  • Partners can save up to 54% less time in upgrading. So now you can make it quicker with the new automated tool. Firstly understand the different parts of your project where it consumes more time. The automated tools enable semi-automated matrix forms, for example, classic report to RDLC report, which helps in customization of the new version, thus helps in merging the code and also saves time.
  • You have to study the upgrade tool thoroughly in this new version to simply the upgrades and enhance the efficiency. The new data upgrade tool have established a new type of code units, which helps in transfiguring the data within two versions of the solutions. The power shell-based tool enables you to merge the codes effectively and efficiently.
  • Learn how to improve key functions to evaluate consumers return on investment. There are certain costs of support, recruitment, delivery etc. that is calculated in up gradation of in-house cost, which should get included in the return of investment planning.

The new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 took the next step to channelize the business environment, thus upgrading the best practice to make life easier. Do welcome the new version.

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