The much awaited Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 finally got announced at World Partner Conference 2014. NAV 2015 which was titled as “Crete” will be the next major release of NAV, changing the backend of 2014 and is looking fab!


NAV 2015 comes up with:

  • Better upgrade tools which will improve business processes amongst all SMBs
  • Adding a wonderful device support so that it can adjust when the user tilts indifferent direction adding a fab experience
  • And more importantly, providing a better integration with Office 365, Power Business Intelligence and Document Reporting.
  • Have a look at the roadmap.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 unveiled at WPC 2014

    These will take Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 to a whole new level – new backend, introduction to new platforms and a host of new development tools.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 unveiled at WPC 2014

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV General Manager, Erik Tiden emphasized key improvements which will prove to be a leap in Microsoft’s list of ERP solutions.

    Microsoft will be able to help small businesses utilize their potential of big data insights. Through Power BI, users will be able to access common tools such as SharePoint, Excel and various mobile devices. Some of the main features are as follow:

    • Power Query– It will provide users to access data through public sources.
    • Power Pivot– It will enhance Excel by adding Performance Indicators (KPIs), hierarchies and customer interfaces enabling millions of data to be analyzed at a faster rate.
    • Power View– Provides a user-friendly interface of Excel for better understanding.
    • Power Map– Will enable the users to integrate Excel with geospatial data to create a wonderful 3D map experience
    • NAV 2015 will provide a key way to create reports by designing them in Word! Now you have an alternative. The users will be able to make amendments faster.

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 unveiled at WPC 2014

      Soon with these exciting features, the small and middle sized business will get arms to tap their full strength to move ahead in the upcoming years!

      These features are a few of the list of NAV 2015 Release! Want to know more?
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