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For every organization working with B2B or B2C industry, Leads are one of its primary resources. They play one of the most important role in any organization’s Sales and Marketing department. Leads can be obtained through various resources – extensive marketing campaigns, seminars, trade shows, etc. Your approach on how your organization is managing these Leads, extensively determines your success rate.

While the terminology might differ across different CRMs, the basic lead management cycle remains the same everywhere. Anyone who shows any interest in your product is a Lead for you. Now your task is to assign these Leads to your Sales Reps and let them filter out the good ones out of the entire lot. Validate the Lead and analyze what opportunities are available with that Lead. Then follows the whole journey of converting these Good Leads to Potentials and then to a Customer.

Zoho CRM simplifies this entire Lead Assignment process through its Assignment Rule process, as explained below:

  • To setup assignment rules:
  • Click Settings > Setup > Automation > Assignment Rules.

    assign leads in zoho crm

  • In the Assignment Rule page, select a Module from the drop-down list and click Create Rule.
  • In the New Rule page, enter the Rule Name.
  • Click Save.
  • lead assignment in zoho crm

  • In the [Module] Assignment Rule page, click Create Rule Entry.
  • In the Rule Entrypage, do the following:
  • 1. Criteria: Enter criteria for the rule entry.

    Record Owner: Choose one of the options to assign owner to the record.

    (i) AssignTo: Select the user who should be assigned as the owner of the records.

    (ii) Assign to users in Round robin: Select UsersRoles or Groups from the drop-down list. Records will be assigned to the list of selected users.

    rule entry in zoho crm
    2. Workflow Task: Select the workflow task to be assigned.

  • Click Settings >Setup Automation Assignment Rules
  • Click Save.

Generally, when records are generated through Web forms, they will be directly assigned to the user as per the Assignment Rules.

You can select the users based on the following options:

  1. Users: From the total list of users you have, select the user to whom you want to assign the Leads.
  2. Role: You can choose a specific Role and all Users listed under that Role will be listed.
  3. Group: You can have a predefined Group and all users in that group will be listed.


  1. Maximum 25 criteria can be added for each rule entry.
  2. 1 User can have only 1 rule at a time.
  3. Assignment rules only work for Leads generated through Import Toll and Web-to-Form.
  4. Assignment is not allowed for manual lead/contact creation.

So, let’s say you have specific Sales Reps looking after Leads from paticular countries. Say, Patrick looks after USA Leads, Sam after UK Leads, Ara after Germany Leads and so on. Accordingly, you can set up the Assignment Rules and when the Leads come in, they will be automatically assigned to the Sales Rep based on how you have set up the Assignment Rule.

So, whenever a Lead from Germany comes in, Ara will be automatically notified and the Lead will be assigned in her name and she can continue further communication and lead evaluation. So now you can easily simplify your life and when you are out of office, you no longer need to worry about assigning the Leads.

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