What is a workflow?

Workflow is one of the most powerful tools available in Salesforce. It lets you automate the standard process and save the time for the organization. It has two main components. They are:

  1. Criteria
  2. Action

It is similar to if/then statement such that when a record meets Criteria then Action is executed.

Why use Workflow?

Workflows are fast, easy, and user friendly. The Workflow rule will “trigger” based on a set of criteria at which point the actions will either be immediate or based on a time-based schedule. Workflow rules can do a lot. They can update fields, send out emails and create tasks.

Examples of a workflow:

  1. If the overall discount on an opportunity > 20%, then it should trigger an email to the manager of the salesperson creating the opportunity.
  2. If a new account is flagged for non-payment of invoice, then it would trigger an email to the owner of the account, informing him of the same.
  3. If a product hasn’t reached the customer before the delivery date, then it should update status as delayed.
  4. Send an email alert to Sales manager when a deal is lost and the amount of Quote is greater than $50,000.

Video Demonstration

The video demonstrates creating a workflow within opportunity. An opportunity has pick list for type field and lead source field. The requirement is that if type field equals ‘New Customer’ then lead source field should have ‘phone inquiry’ value.

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