Integrate your Outlook with Zoho CRM via BCC Dropbox

If you are using Zoho CRM in your organization, it is likely that you have evaluated Zoho Mail for your internal or external communication. With Zoho Mail, all email conversations are present in one single place – in your Zoho CRM and at any time you can easily access all information exchanged with any customer, potentials, vendor, etc. right from your Zoho CRM.

Many organizations still prefer using other email applications like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc. In such cases, it is of outmost importance that there is an inherent integration between your systems so that all your email conversations are in sync with the CRM.

Suppose, the discussion with a prospect had matured enough but somehow the deal did not proceed. Now, 2 years later, they are back for further discussions. Would you sieve through your mailbox trying to remember where you left off? Wouldn’t it be better to just look into the CRM and see at a glance all communication? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to save all conversation you had with the particular contact in your CRM, to avoid such situations? Or what if you have left the organization and there is no track of your earlier conversation? Would your previous organization start the relationship building process all over again and flounder on the way?
–  The solution: Integrate your mailbox with Zoho CRM.

For Microsoft Outlook users, there are two commonly used ways of automatically adding your emails to Zoho CRM –

  • Via Zoho CRM Plug-in for MS Outlook,
  • Via Zoho BCC Dropbox.

In an earlier blogpost, I had provided a detailed account on how to configure Zoho CRM Plug-in for MS Outlook. You can check here.

In today’s blog post, I would describe what is BCC Dropbox and how to activate BCC Dropbox in Zoho to automatically push your Outlook emails to Zoho CRM.

BCC Dropbox provides an unique email address for each user in your Zoho CRM account. All you have to do is add this unique email address to the BCC field of your customer emails and a copy of your email will be added to the recipient’s CRM record. Note: Only emails sent to your Leads and Contacts will be automatically pulled into your CRM account. If the Lead/ Contact does not exist in Zoho CRM, a new Lead / Contact can be created based on how your BCC Dropbox is set up.

Let’s see how to set up BCC Dropbox for your Zoho Account:

    1. On the top right-hand corner of your Zoho CRM instance, select Tools and from the dropdown, select Setup.

set bcc dropbox for zoho outlook integration

    1. In the Setup page, under the General tab, select Email Settings.

setup email setting in zoho crm

    1. Select the second tab ‘BCC Dropbox’.

    1. BCC Dropbox offers you an unique email address, specific to each CRM user. Download the vCard to your system.

bcc dropbox email address

    1. Save the vCard as a Contact in vcard to integrate zoho crm and outlook
    2. Now move to Outlook and type in an email for a Lead/ Contact who is already present in Zoho CRM.
    3. For the first use, open vCard and copy the email id to the email’s BCC field and send the email. Next time onwards, just type ‘Zoho’ in the BCC field and the email id will be automatically prompted.

integrate outlook with zoho crm

  1. Now move to your Zoho CRM account and look for that particular Lead/ Contact to whom you have just emailed and look for the Emails section.

Here, I have sent an email to a Lead ‘Tom Smith’ after adding BCC Dropbox. In Zoho CRM, I can find record of this email under the Emails section, as shown below.

using bcc dropbox for zoho outlook integration

Our experience has shown us that BCC Dropbox is a far more reliable option for syncing your mails, compared with the Zoho CRM Plug-in, which has crashed quite too often ( strictly in our opinion).

If you are looking to integrate your entire Zoho CRM data with your ERP ( SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, etc ), eCommerce ( Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce ,etc), or any other solution for better clarity or management of your customer/potential data, drop us an email and we can guide you.

-From your own Integration Experts, APPSeCONNECT.

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