Maintaining a good relationship with customers is crucial for any business. More so for e-commerce businesses where the sale is conducted online, with minimum or no human interaction. In such a scenario, putting in place an automated customer support solution is important to ensure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

A good customer service requires that all customer requirements and queries are handled in a professional manner. Human intervention is necessary to enhance in-store customer experience through live chats, emails, and various other modes of communication. This enables store owners to listen to their customers and offer them the best possible solution.

The plugins listed below are some of the best contact management plugins to enhance customer experience on Magento stores and give store owners better control over their customers.

1. Shipment Tracking and Notifications Extension by AfterShip

AfterShip offers automated tracking solution for ecommerce businesses.


  • Compatible with Magento Enterprise, Community & Go
  • Shipments can be filtered by date, status, courier, destination
  • Know delivery performance and take timely action
  • Customers can view delivery status in a single click
  • Tracking page can be customized by adding brand logo, store URL, and Instagram pictures to improve SEO and increase sales
  • Engage customers by sending delivery notifications

2. Zendesk Support

Zendesk provides smart cloud-based customer support software for growing businesses.


  • Magento administrators can use single sign-on feature
  • Support tickets are created without leaving Magento site
  • Relevant support tickets are displayed on order and customer dashboards
  • Support tickets can be created from Contact Us requests
  • Web widgets can easily be added to Magento website

3. Olark Live Chat

Olark Live Chat helps you increase sales by letting you chat with customers instantly in contrast to emails and phone calls, minimizing their scope of abandoning your store.


  • Track customers on your Magento store in real time including –
    • what they are browsing
    • what’s in their cart
    • repeat customers
    • customers adding and removing items in their cart.
  • Detailed chat transcripts are saved
  • Integration with leading CRMs
  • Get reports to find out what time you should be online based on your visitors
  • Google Analytics integration reveals total events conducted through Olark Live Chat and percentage contribution of each event.

4. Quick Contact by MageWorld

This free plugin by MageWorld allows customers to send quick feedback to your Magento store letting you understand them better and suitably, meet their needs.


  • Admin can easily manage contact fields and emails.
  • Easy to install, upgrade and customize
  • Ease of use for customers as well as admin
  • Add custom link wherever you like
  • Full HTML is supported


5. Help Desk Ultimate by Aheadworks

Help Desk Ultimate is a store-based communication tool to help store owners manage incoming customer requests.


  • Customer correspondence from multiple sources i.e. customer account, native contact form, email, backend can be streamlined into a single channel
  • Message delivery is organized and every single query can be tracked.
  • Customer support teams have more time to serve clients that focus on accumulating and organizing messages and generating tickets.
  • Flexible ticket assignation system ensures that query is answered by the right department
  • Tickets are queued based on their status and priority

6. Magebuzz Free Testimonial

This is a free extension for your Magento store that allows customers to write testimonials in your store.


  • Customers can easily review your store, products and services
  • Customers can upload their picture while posting testimonial making it more trustful to other customers
  • Captcha library ensures there is no spam post
  • Testimonials need admin approval before they are visible to other customers
  • Send testimonial approval notification to customers via email
  • You can disable guest testimonials and only allow customers who purchase from you to post their review

7. Medma Disable Customer Registration

Disabling customer registration is useful when admin wants users to use guest checkout only and also when admin wants to manually approve who registers in their store.


  • Stop customer registration in the store
  • Enable forced guest checkout
  • Manually approve customers who sign up to shop at your store
  • Get email alert whenever a new customer registers at your store
  • Send email alerts to customers whose accounts you approve
  • Existing customer accounts are not disturbed with this plugin
  • The plugin supports multiple stores

8. LiveHelp Live chat

LiveHelp is a professional live chat plugin to engage online customers in real-time.


  • Chat with multiple customers at the same time
  • Forward chat to other agents
  • Exchange documents with customers
  • Create pre-designed answer for FAQs
  • Add chat feature only on specific pages
  • Track customer’s shopping cart in real-time
  • Recognize customers via their name or customer id
  • Measure efficiency of chat agents


9. Mzax Emarketing

Mzax’s Emarketing plugin for Magento is designed to create automated and targeted marketing campaigns.


  • Send emails to a group of customers using multiple filters
  • Create automated campaigns focused on specific customers (e.g. customers who abandon their cart) at any given point of time
  • Create customized campaigns to suit your needs with this flexible plugin
  • Track campaign success with strong analytics
  • Easy to use plugin for marketing professionals

10. Edrone CRM

Edrone CRM is a great plugin for your Magento store that helps you to boost customer retention


  • Process personal data of customers in real-time and send them personalized email
  • Send promo codes and personalized messages to dormant users
  • Initiate loyalty program to engage customers and increase spending
  • Focus on key customers by sending special coupons at an appropriate time
  • Collect all users and visitors data visiting the store
  • Send recovery alerts to customers who abandon their cart

11. Zopim Live chat

This powerful live chat plugin ensures active interaction between you and your visitors.


  • Get to know your visitors better by tracking their location, history, current URL, repeat visits
  • Begin a chat with your visitors
  • Brand the chat widget according to your requirement
  • Get access to feature-rich dashboard with saved chat history, template messages, visitor prioritization, Q&A, smart responder
  • Ability to reply to visitors on the go with your desired IM client or Zopim dashboard

12. Express checkout

This plugin facilitates quick one step checkout for visitors.


  • Robust plugin to provide one-step checkout
  • Shrinks six steps of one-page checkout into single step checkout
  • Boost conversion rates and generate more profit
  • Very easy checkout for customers
  • Customers can enter their name, address, select shipping method, select payment method, review and place their order in a single step

13. LiveAgent – Live chat & Helpdesk 1

This all-in-one customer service solution for Magento stores does way more than live chat. With over 179 features and functions, LiveAgent is a must have plugin for your ecommerce store.


  • Let your customers connect with you in real-time through live-chat window
  • Receive and reply to customer emails with ease through Help Desk software
  • Get offline messages by your customers when you are not online and reply via email
  • Reply to Facebook messages, posts, and comments directly through LiveAgent by connecting the plugin to Facebook
  • Monitor your brand and respond to tweets by sending direct tweets by connecting with Twitter
  • Provide easy access to customers to your knowledge base articles and forum


14. Login as Customer

This Magento plugin allows admin to login as a customer from Magento backend.


  • Login as customer on the “Order View” and “Customer View” pages in admin control
  • Admins can login and see exactly what customers see by securely bypassing customer password authentication
  • View admin login history
  • Compatible with Magento Community Edition ver. 1.9 and Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14

15. Custom Stock Status by Amasty

Provide your visitors with up-to-date stock and delivery information with this plugin.


  • Use time and quantity variables to share time and quantity of product availability
  • Display quantity and range-based statuses by setting quantity range stock status for each range
  • Show custom stock status on shopping cart page to push customers into purchase
  • Set stock status for multiple products at once
  • Set custom status for various product types including configurable, grouped, virtual, downloadable, and bundled products
  • Display “Out of Stock” options of configurable products

Choose your plugins wisely

Shipment tracking, express checkout, customer feedback, live chat, support tickets, testimonials, marketing campaigns etc. are some commonly used plugins by Magento store owners.  To maintain the relationship with your customers, you have to provide them with proper service every time they visit your store. Even if they don’t visit frequently, you must stay in touch with them by running appropriate customer nurturing campaigns to ensure retention.

Now, you can easily integrate your Magento store with the back-end ERP/CRM and automate your business process!integrate-magento-with-ERP-2

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