Company: Mocacare

Industry: Healthcare
Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, USA
Website: www.mocacare.com

About the Company:

Mocacare deals in cutting edge Healthcare Products, combining technology, design and people’s comfort altogether. Their goal is to make healthcare easy, intuitive and reliable experience. They are in business since 2013, headquartered in Palo Alto, California and engineering team located in Taipei, Taiwan.
Mocacare has an excellent team consisting of Engineers, Designers, Physicians and business leaders from Stanford, California College and UCSF all are envisioned towards transforming healthcare into simple usage by common people in their daily life.
MOCAheart is the flagship product of Mocacare, MOCAheart is the world’s smallest heart health tracker. Made with medical-grade stainless steel, MOCAheart measures heart rate, blood oxygen level and MOCA INDEX, an indicator derived from blood velocity that is related to blood pressure. Mocacare used fully medical grade materials in their devices, which will not cause any skin allergy, devices crafted in Stainless Steel and biocompatible plastic.

Project Objectives:

  • Connecting Shopify Web Store with SAP Business One ERP system; establish automatic data synchronization for Customers and Orders
  • Support Customer Group Specific entry in SAP Business One based on Shopify Customer Groups
  • Real Time Data Sync for Sales Orders for further processing

Key Challenges of the Project:

  • Syncing Guest Checkout Customer Details from Shopify to SAP Business One
  • Syncing Shopify Sales Order in real time to SAP Business One
  • Different Cardcode in SAP Business One B.P Master Data based on Shopify Customer Groups
  • Different Tax Calculation in SAP Business One Sales Order based on ‘ShipToAddress’ for US and Non US Customers in Shopify


  • Mapping of business processes between offline and online system through proper business logic
  • Additional Field Mapping as per the requirement – different card code in SAP B1 B.P based on Shopify Customer Groups, different tax calculation in SAP B1 based on customer location in Shopify
  • Quick Processing of Sales Orders through Real Time sync of Shopify Web Orders into SAP B1 ERP


  • Increase the Productivity and Effectiveness of back office team by removing them to manually manage the ERP Customer and Sales Order entry based on certain filters like Customer Group, Location, etc
  • Supporting the data sync based on their nature of business operation
  • Additional Time for Mocacare to focus on Order Processing, Production and Purchase Planning in an effective way
  • Supporting their business growth by providing option to adjust the sync performance as per the need

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Alice Chiu
Customer Experience
Mocacare, USA

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