Whenever you want to create a related record in Salesforce, you must go to that particular record on which you want to create a related record and scroll down to go to that related list. There you will find a button new with the object name and then you have to click on that.  This opens a new page on which you enter the detail in there and click on save. If you have to go back to the previous page then, you have to click on the previous page button on the browser.  Instead of this, we can create a button or link which on click opens an interface where you can create the required record with the selected fields without moving to another page. All this can be achieved with the help of Quick Actions. We can not only create records but also update records, log calls, send emails and also call Visualforce Pages. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Quick actions can be created in the Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Contact Manager, Database.com, and Developer Editions.

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Each and every Action has its own layout. It contains the fields which are available for that Object. The fields available on this layout can be customized according to requirements. These can be used in Salesforce Classic, Salesforce 1 and Salesforce Lightning.

Quick Actions are categorized into 2 types

Types of Quick Actions:

  • Object-specific quick actions
  • Global quick actions

Object-specific quick actions:

The name itself specifies it’s related to a particular object. Whenever you want the action to be used only on a particular Object, we use Object Specific Actions. These actions are displayed on the details page layout of a record. It can only be used on the Object Page layout of the Object on which it is created.

Let’s take an example. We have Account and Order objects in Salesforce. If you want to create an Order from Account, we need to navigate to the related list and click on the ‘New Order’ button in the related list. Then it will be navigated to another page, where you can enter Order details and a new Order will be created. Now, I will be creating a ‘Quick Action’ button which on click creates Order without navigating to another page (below).


Global quick actions:

Global actions can be used anywhere in Salesforce globally on the chatter feed page, Home page and Groups page. These are not associated with any other objects. These can be used on any objects page layout and added to the global publisher layout. Global actions let users create or update records, log call details or send mails. When a global ‘Create action’ is created, it creates a new record which is not related to any other object.

In this way, we can create Quick Actions to reduce the time taken to perform a few types of Actions such as creating or updating records, log a call, send mails or we can also call Visualforce pages.

Steps to create Object-specific Quick Actions in Salesforce:

  • Navigate to Object for which you want to create Quick Action. Here, I am navigating to Account. Go to Setup and search for ‘Account’. The below screen will be shown.


  • Now, select ‘Buttons, Links, and Quick Actions’. The following screen will be shown where you can select the ‘New Action’ button to create a new Action.


  • Now, enter the below details:
    • Action Type: I’m creating a new record, so it’s ‘Create a Record’.
    • Target Object: Object which needs to be created. ‘It’s Order’
    • Standard Label Type: ‘New Record’
    • Name: ‘NewOrder’


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  • Now click on ‘Save’. You will be navigated to ‘New Order Layout’ as shown below. Here, you can see the fields which are existing in the layout. These are mandatory which need to be provided while creating Order. You can add other fields that you want to include in the layout while creating Order.


  • I’m adding a few other fields in the layout. Below is the layout after adding these fields.


  • Now, let’s add it to the Account Navigate to Accounts Page Layout and select ‘Quick Actions’. There you will find the list of Quick Actions as shown below. Now, Select ‘New Order’ Quick Action and add it to the layout.


  • Now, it is added to the layout and can be seen in the screenshot below.



  • Now, click on ‘New Order’ below screen will be shown where you can enter the order details and a new Order will be created from the Account page without navigating to Order Page.


  • Now, I have entered the details. On clicking ‘create’ a new Order is created. Below is the ‘Order’ related list where it’s shown.



In this way, we can create Quick Actions in Salesforce to carry out  specific tasks. We sincerely hope that this was useful and any comment or feedback will be very helpful.

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