Rain retail software is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) application and it has some of it’s defined API through which any ERP or eCommerce application can be integrated with Rain POS system to increase your sales and make the process automated.

As you know, in the recent business era the business process is very fast and it’s very important to have integrated multiple business applications to run your business and reduce data errors and saving operational cost.

Integrating Rain POS

In Rain POS system, there three systems available for working with API as follows:

  • MOCK: https://vendor-api.rainpos.com/mock
  • STAGE: https://vendor-api.rainpos.com/stage
  • PROD: https://vendor-api.rainpos.com/prod

For starting development You can connect the MOCK environment only by following API key: “QRgTNJAxzQ9lVsrIlO9Ma7Izh71ZK7eN5hI0X8de”  or you can contact to Rain team to get the API key to connect STAGE or PROD environment.

Integrate-Business-Apps-through-APPSeCONNECTThrough PostMan the Key will be “x-api-key” and value should hold the Rain POS API Key.

There are the following API present in Rain POS:



Low Inventory


Purchase Order

post/purchaseOrder (Adds a Purchase Order to a Customer)

put/purchaseOrder (Updates a Purchase Order already added)

delete/purchaseOrder (Deletes a purchase order)

post/shippingNotice  (Adds a Shipping Notice to a Purchase Order)






The above mentioned APIs are present by default and it’s really very easy to do any integration operation to RAIN POS system to Add/Update/get/delete data.

Even though there are many default API present in Rain POS by default but there are some limitations in other sections of data synchronization, like, you can’t Add/Update catalog details to Rain Pos system through API. To send the Catalog details, you have to submit the products file to a specified FTP folder by Rain POS team and it might cost you extra.

At the conclusion, I would say it is a solution that handles the point-of-sale, inventory management, CRM, customer marketing, website, e-com, rental mgt, repair mgt, etc for the retailers, in an easy to use the web-based platform through integration.

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