When it comes to selling products in a B2B scenario, it is very important to leverage and strategize content marketing very keenly. It is the content that is going to make the products sell and the company grow. It helps your customers get a clear picture of what they are going to get from you and a robust B2B content marketing strategy might just be a blueprint for a successful B2B content marketing team. While there are a lot of things to keep in mind and practice while working on B2B-centric public content, nothing serves better than hands-on experience and rigorous research on what might work for a company!

To help people out and spread knowledge on this area, we at APPSeCONNECT recently organizing a webinar titled “B2B Content Marketing – The Most Stunning Tips and Tricks“. This webinar talked about the most important things to remember while advancing with website content and we shared some of the best practices followed around the globe for amazing content optimization. The webinar also talked about things that a B2B content marketer would not want to get into. The webinar brought to light how content is crucially important in the digital arena too.

Integrate-Business-Apps-through-APPSeCONNECTThe webinar was presented by Mr. Akash Apurva, Content Marketing Executive at InSync Tech-Fin Solutions. Aspiring Poet, Author & Blog Writer. He loves to read and travel and loves to share his knowledge through his articles. The webinar was conducted on 30th September and the key points discussed were:

1. What is Content and Content Marketing?
2. How can Content be of Importance to B2B Businesses
3. Digital Commerce is Dependent on Content?
4. Things you won’t want to get into while doing Content Marketing!
5. Best practices to follow.
6. Q/A Session

We would like to thank all the attendees who joined this amazing webinar. We hope it was useful. In case you have missed the webinar, you can check this Webinar Recap which we have recorded:

B2B Content Marketing – The Most Stunning Tips and Tricks

Content marketing is a crucial process for B2B marketers. Better the content, the higher the success. Check this webinar recap to know all about B2B Content Marketing!

Here are some of the Questions and Answers addressed during the webinar:

1. How can content marketing help address our target audience throughout the customer purchase journey?

Ans – This question deals with exactly what content marketing is all about – content should address the needs of the customers at all the stages of their purchase journey. Provide them content that is relevant to them in particular steps of their own journey. This would increase their reliability on the brands and the chances of conversion.

2. How do I manage to curate quality technical content over time?

ANS –  It might so happen that at times the content writer is not the correct person to write or curate technical blogs. If you want to keep your repositories filled, here’s what you can do – a) Ask your technical team to share their insights and content and then re-work on that content, leveraging the knowledge of niche developers, b) Organize for blog writing sessions annually/bi-annually to keep gather ideas from the entire company; the rest of curating can be the job of the content marketer.

3. What is the best way to build an audience?

Ans – Following are the best steps to build a strong audience –

  • Choose audience vertical (target audience)
  •  Choose a publishing platform(s)
  • Consistent publishing + promoting
  • Invest and expect long-term results (wait for the results)

To know more and follow the webinar in detail, watch the video above. Here is the Webinar SlideShare for you:


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