Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that facilitated millions of businesses to run their online stores. Businesses running through the Shopify platforms are able to achieve their goals using the plug and play solutions provided by them that best fit the needs of your business. It has also allowed third-party apps and plugins via its platform which has enabled business processes to be more efficient in terms of the delivery, POS, and communication services. 

Shopify has recently launched a customer shopping app of its own called Shop, a digital shopping aide which is essentially an upgraded version of its existing app called Arrive, which was used to track the packages moving from businesses to retailers. In other words, this app created by Shopify will bring together the best features of Shop Pay as well as Arrive.

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Here are a few ways in which Shopify, using its Shop app can bring about new and improved customer experience as well as giving competition to other e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Shopify Shop App

1. Improving the chances of conversion

Many times, people are interested in purchasing a product and even add the same to their cart, however, the checking out transaction becomes so lengthy and complicated that they decide against purchasing the product. Shopify tackles this issue with its Shop app because of the integration of its Shop Pay features which ensure a quick and seamless checkout procedure.

2. Improved retention of customers

Shopify has constantly improved its features so that the merchants using their platform can ensure a high level of customer retention. Shop will have an in-app recommendation system to drive up the branding which in turn would lead the customer’s beck to the respective merchants. In other words, Shop itself does a lot of branding in terms of digital marketing on behalf of the merchant which enables retargeting of customers with much effort on the part of the merchant. One of the ways Shop does so is by personalizing the shopping feed of the user and filling it with topic picks, new arrivals, and best deals, all decided based on the search history of the user. 


3. Promoting and encouraging local businesses

The current scenario has affected a lot of businesses harshly including most of the local businesses. The lockdown situation has led to the closing of local businesses. The Shop mobile app will also help in supporting local businesses as well. They will do so by identifying the shops around a customer and finding out if they offer in-store or curbside pickup. This will allow the customer to select the option for local pick up in case they want quick deliveries. Shop will also highlight gestures of trust by putting up relevant details whenever a business is looked up. This will also allow the customers to know whether a business is delivering at the current moment. It also ensures transparency in terms of all the details regarding order placement and shipping details.

4. Accelerate satisfaction of the customer

After placing an order, a customer often has to face the hassle of constantly tracking an order, receiving a bunch of emails, and constantly trying to identify the delivery status of the product. Here’s how Shopify, using Shop, will ensure the satisfaction of a customer after the placing of an order:

  • Using the map view feature of the app and timely notifications, the customer will get clear information about the expected delivery time. 
  • Shop automatically syncs with the mail of a customer to get data like order number and tracking information.
  • Constant and necessary updates are given to a customer regarding their order details through a single channel.
  • While talking to the support team, all a customer has to do is present their order receipt and details and required information will be given by the support.

5. Seamless and cost-effective

As mentioned earlier, Shopify will do almost all the work in terms of branding or tracking orders on behalf of the merchant without charging any additional cost. It also provides the customer with a seamless purchasing experience by already presenting the necessary information, smooth checking out procedures, and constant order tracking information which in turn would lead to better loyalty of customers towards the merchants. In other words, Shop will essentially transform the shopping experience of the customer by taking care of the minutest of details.


Given that the app has just been launched, it is moving in the right direction with its feature-rich facilities. Some say that Shopify at this rate is likely to go head to head with Amazon if not take over it. One of the biggest highlights of the shop mobile app is the platform it gives to independent sellers to establish themselves. 

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