Virtual connectivity has become a new form of communication across the world. Physical meetups are no longer the only way to ensure strong networking opportunities. In fact, businesses are now being forced to adapt to establishing connectivity through video calling. 

However, as the leader of an organization, the biggest problem one faces is not establishing connectivity with the outside world, but ensuring smooth communication within the organization since we all are now working remotely.

In such times, Microsoft Teams has become one of the most reliable platforms for ensuring smooth connectivity and conversation within an organization. 

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Teams is because it already has a subscription of Office 365, which is owned by most businesses. This becomes a major advantage since companies don’t feel the need to keep shifting to several platforms to establish necessary communication. It also comes with various built-in features like video or voice meetings, sharing and storing important files and documents, all at a single platform, which make it even more convenient for users to access.

Successfully adopting Microsoft Teams – Best Tips to Use as a Pro

Name your communication channels

Microsoft teams in not only used by the members of the organization but many channels are also created within teams to connect with clients or other people of importance. Give a name or title to the various channels that you use will not only help you to differentiate them but also mark the more important ones and make them easy to search. All one has to do is select the pencil-like icon present next to the member’s name and type in a suitable heading. 

Store files using SharePoint

SharePoint is well synced with Microsoft Teams. The best part about this is that many businesses are already used to sharing and soring files using SharePoint so this becomes an added advantage on using teams. Every channel that is created has a tab called files that allows the members of the channel to share and access existing documents. Office online or office desktop can also be used to merge all the files on teams.


Switch to mobile apps

Everyone prefers using any sort of application from their phone rather than PCs or laptops. Microsoft teams have their mobile apps as well which would ensure quick communication without the constant need to switch to your laptops. The features available on the mobile app are quite elementary, focussing mostly on communicating through channels without much hassle. Not only this, but teams also come with a web option for quick access in case you don’t have the application downloaded on your desktop. 

Record video and phone calls

Microsoft Teams gives its users the option to record all the video and phone calls that are made through any channels on the platforms. This is a great way to ensure accountability from members and at the same time can be used as a resource to refer to in cases of doubts or future references. 

Use Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Teams is well integrated with Microsoft Planner, which adds significantly to the bag of features that teams possess. The planner is a good medium to handle small tasks especially in terms of tracking work back to teams. You even have the option to pin the planner icon to any channel and click on the plus sign to add any tasks. It will be visible on the top bar of the said channel. 

Allow guests to join

Teams do not limit their communication simply within the team. One can also conduct meetings with clients who do not use teams by inviting them using a link. It also one to provide guest access to members of the team using Outlook in order to communicate, share files and documents. 


Ensure that team members receive the required guidance

Microsoft Teams is quite different from the regular modes of communication used due to the vast number of features that it offers and the number of applications integrated with it. Success on communication through teams can be ensured by getting your team properly acquainted with the various features that are offered and how one can access them. This helps in smoothening the process of adapting to teams. 

Create a professional background

Even though your team is working remotely, the level of professionalism while video calling a client should not hit a low. Here we are referring to the background that is portrayed on a call. Microsoft Teams gives its users the option to transform their background by adding a suitable frame or by simply blurring it! It might not sound like a big deal as you read it but it goes a long way in leaving a positive image on your client. 

Microsoft Teams comes with vast resources. It is an all in one platform. If executed well, it can solve major remote working issues in terms of communication, sharing information and docs, connecting with the team in a go and the list goes on. Here’s our take on a few Microsoft Team hacks Let us know how you implemented teams in your organization and your opinion on the same in the comment section below!

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