Very recently, all of us witnessed the Adobe Summit 2020 going live and delivering resourceful insights and innovation to the products, services and technologies. The event brought forward many new strategies like the Digital Economy Index, the CXM Playbook, etc. into the play but one major aspect of the entire event was Magento Commerce. With the online Adobe Summit 2020, a new version of the Magento eCommerce platform was announced – Magento 2.4! This version of the platform will be available after the second half of the year, most probably in Q3, and comprises breath-taking features, improvements, component updates and product stability.

Jason Woosley, VP Commerce Product and Platform at Adobe took the time to deliver his session on Commerce and how Adobe is going to change the experience for its users. You can easily register and watch the session now! Since most modern businesses are moving online, it is only evident that they will need a robust, flexible and scalable solution that can help them. It is in the roadmap of Adobe Cloud Experience to expand the opportunities in the digital commerce industry and also bring forward newer Magento product innovation to cater to businesses and accelerate the buying process. Woosley mentioned that this is going to be the era of Experience-Driven Commerce since people tend to buy experiences, not products. Woosley also assured that since Magento Commerce is self integrated with the Adobe Cloud Experience, users will gain an unparalleled service post-implementation. With Magento 2.4 in the grasp now, it is only clear that the game is going to change in the eCommerce market. Below we discuss some of the latest features and enhancements of Magento 2.4.

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What’s new in Magento 2.4

The All-new Magento 2.4 APIs

Community-developed code is a crucial part of the Magento platform and contributes numerous features and improvements to the framework. Magento teams and community contributors have worked together to create an incredible team of professionals and eCommerce experts that deliver the best eCommerce platform on the market. With Magento 2.4, Magento Commerce has introduced brand new APIs into the market. Magento will be opening the 2.4-develop branch in the Magento2 project repository to provide access to the entire Magento Community. This way, all existing community pull requests will be redirected to the new branch and will be delivered to the market within the scope of the 2.4.x releases.

Also, Magento has been working hard for improvements in their GraphQL and soon they assure to provide the R&D and the high-performing new GraphQL to the entire community.

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Magento 2 PWAs

With Magento 2.4, we can expect to see Progressive Web Applications changing the game of mobile commerce significantly in the coming years. We expect that PWA will soon become the leading way to create e-commerce websites since it combines the best features of native apps and the web. The new Magento PWAs will be a 100% B2C storefront and will consist of key B2B experiences. Magento Commerce has enabled these PWA extensions of the Magento Marketplace for improved quality and performance.

The Adobe Stock Integration

To enhance the already superior shopping experience, Magento now has the Adobe Stock integration available. The Magento 2 Adobe Stock integration adds a searchable interface in Magento 2 Admin that allows the use of stock images inside PageBuilder and other editors. This allows the Adobe Stock to be directly integrated with the Magento Media Gallery. This integration provides the ability to discover stock imagery, preview them in the website, license and integrate stock assets, etc to the users.

Expanded B2B Capabilities

With Magento, B2B and B2C both go hand in hand. With benchmark advancements done to the B2C industry, it is now time for Magento B2B to flourish. With Magento 2.4, Magento Commerce has extended and expanded its B2B capabilities – both to cater to the growing customer base and to become the leading provider of B2B platforms. With version 2.4, users will be able to quote and approve orders in the frontend, transfer quotes between different company users, manage addresses at the company level, etc. Magento Commerce is also keen on releasing the B2B Buyer Workflow later this year!


Headless Magento 2.4

In addition to the official PWA tools aimed at developers, Adobe also wants to improve the existing experience of Magento merchants and their clients. The company has announced a robust and highly flexible infrastructure developed to provide continuous integration and delivery processes. This will empower the Magento users to create quick and agile iterations of their codebase. This means that merchants of all sizes will soon be able to deploy new features to production with much faster speed. The new flexibility level dramatically enhances the shopping experience is referred to as Headless Magento.

Magento Web Payments

A new API has been introduced to Magento 2.4 – the Payment Request API. This API is compatible with 85% of all worldwide devices and supports LUMA and Venia. Since this API deals with the payment processes of the customer, it is highly crucial that Magento keeps it smooth and accessible – this is supported on both desktop and mobile as well as iOS and Android!

With the introduction of this new API, users will now have a much higher conversion rate (estimated to be 20% increase) and lesser requirements of customizations.

Product Recommendations – Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is Adobe’s very own AI and helps users get a comprehensive view of the customers, automate business processes and provide insights with powerful predictive tools. With Magento 2.4, the company brings forward intelligent commerce into play – personalized product recommendations to customers! With this feature, customers can now enable various product recommendations based on types of products, placements, etc.

Cloud-Hosted Magento

With Magento 2.4, merchants will now be able to host their website on Cloud itself. This will not only provide better performance and reliability to the platform but also ensure a higher level of security and lesser customizations on TCOs/TTMs.  Cloud-hosted Magento 2 is the most cost-effective and reliable way to run Magento Commerce. With its multi-cloud infrastructure, Magento 2.4 provides full support for Azure and ensures full log aggregation and monitoring. It is a highly open-source and scalable platform and allows intelligent horizontal and vertical movement.


With Magento 2.4, Adobe and Magento Commerce plan to deliver superior shopping experiences in the future and offer the best in class B2B and B2C strategies that accelerate sales. With Intelligent Commerce up their sleeves, merchants can now optimize business outcomes with intelligent processes and insights. Agile omnichannel commerce capabilities make Magento one of the most flexible and deliverable solutions in the market and we hope that it continues to do so. Being an open-source, cloud-hosted platform, Magento 2.4 will allow users to innovate quickly and maintain a secure, reliable and scalable platform that is backed by the most robust community and ecosystem! Let’s wait and see what Adobe and Magento bring to us the next time!

See you until then!

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