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The Adobe Summit 2020, one of the largest digital marketing conferences in the world is just around the corner and promises to be a great show. With intuitive sessions, amazing networking and a sneak-peek at the world’s leading technologies, Adobe Summit 2020 is sure to bring out the best there is. This is also the second time that the Marketo Summit is a part of the Adobe Summit, which is pretty cool. Initially, the event was scheduled to start from March 29th and last till April 2nd; however, due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Adobe Summit 2020 has been rescheduled as an online session/conference on the 31st of March 2020. It is a big step that Adobe has taken to ensure public safety and maintain the much required social distancing in these dire times. It is appreciable that the amount of time, effort and strategies Adobe has put in to make this conference an online benchmark. To put it correctly, the digital marketing conference has just gone digital!

Click here to register: Adobe Summit 2020. The event starts at 8:30 A.M. PDT

Although the live event has been canceled, there is still a lot that is going to happen at the online Adobe Summit 2020:

The Marketo-Adobe Landscape

2019 was the first time that the Marketo Summit was a part of the Adobe Summit and now this year they just upgraded their game. With Keynote speakers like Reese Witherspoon and Drew Brees, the Summit is sure to bring many actional deep insights. Attendees can expect to hear from and share the vision with the Adobe leadership including Shantanu Narayen, Anil Chakravarthy, etc. Also, Marketo users will now have access to the Summit sneaks.


Summit Sessions, Keynotes and Speakers

With around 100+ summit sessions – including various Keynotes and breakout sessions, the Adobe Summit 2020 is sure to bring out the best product innovations and showcase them to the world. Leaders and innovators shall be exploring and defining newer ways of digital sustainability with robust product demos and out-of-the-box announcements over their sessions. This year, we can expect Shantanu Narayen and Anil Chakravarthy to be the leading speakers.

Since this is going to be an online conference, missing out on sessions is not an option. Still, if you want to categorize the sessions, you would want to break them according to:

1. Product

2. Adobe Summit Track

3. Industry

4. Key person

This way, you can easily filter your sessions and put in time at what you want to attend. Here are the top 10 sessions of the Adobe Summit 2020:

  • Rules of Engagement: Designing a “Smart” Nurture Program
  • How to Test for Nurture Program Success
  • Harnessing Marketo Engage’s JavaScript APIs
  • Action Steps for Those Inheriting an Instance
  • Data-Driven Engagement: Give Your Prospects the Content They Crave
  • Mastering Compliance: The Lowdown on E-Privacy Laws
  • Scaling Marketo Requires This Key FORM(ula)M
  • Wake Up to an Increased ROI: New Programs to Generate Revenue
  • Demand Center Throwdown: A Centralized vs. Decentralized Model
  • Up Your Attribution Game with the Right Reporting Gear


Keep Connected on the Adobe Summit App

The Adobe Summit mobile app is a must-have during the event – attendees will get the most updated information on announcements and innovations and there is to know about the event. People can connect with other attendees and speakers too. As the event has moved to the online arena, attendees can expect to gather a lot of information through this app alone. Do make sure you have the notifications on!

The Adobe Summit 2020 has proved itself to be the best provider of global solutions in the time of this global chaos. It is a great endeavor by Adobe to move this event online rather than cancel it. This alone is an inspiration to a lot of other ventures. Even though this conference is taking place digitally, we can fully expect to have our minds blown by the brightest people of the digital marketing industry.

If there are any changes or additions to the information about the event, we will update you accordingly.

See you next time!

Stay Safe!

Stay Home!

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