The digital world is expanding every single day and achieving new milestones in technology has become the prime criterion for a successful business. Businesses are looking for ways to explore and cater to this booming market of eCommerce. SAP, one of the leading and most-trusted ERPs in the world were proud to organize its annual event of the SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2020 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The aim of the event was to bring together leading brains of the digital commerce industry and related technologies to learn and explore the most recent technological developments in SAP, connect with better business opportunities, and be inspired to take their own platforms to the next level of innovation.

InSync Solutions was excited to be a part of the event and showcase its smart integration platform – APPSeCONNECT, which seamlessly integrates multiple business applications with each other and facilitates SAP integration with a host of other apps. Here’s what happened at the event:

SAP SMB Innovation Summit – Event Highlights

The opening keynote of the event was given by Mr. Finn Backer, Global VP of SAP.

SAP-Business-One-and-Ecommerce-IntegrationThe event also witnessed Mr. Subhomoy Sengupta, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Mid – Market delivering his keynote speech on how to increase the overall market of the SAP ERP and the future prospects. Taming Tigers, the celebrity speaker for the event, was also on stage to give out some motivational speeches and pump up the crowd.

SAP Business One 10.0

On the whole, the event was amazing, but what got the crowd the most was the launch of the new version of SAP Business One – the SAP Business One 10.0. While the session was on, the room was houseful since most of the SAP partners and merchants wanted to know directly what were the new enhancements and development in SAP Business One 10.0. Also, the audience witnessed the new updates in SAP Business ByDesign.

SAP Hackathon 2020

The SAP hackathon was a big thing that happened during the SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2020. As usual, the hackathon was scheduled on the very first day of the event, just after lunch, for an exciting 9-hour stretch. According to SAP, these events are the perfect setups where people can experiment with intelligent enterprises and build innovative solutions with the help of SAP experts. With several teams divided, the SAP hackathon offers a great opportunity for companies to showcase their products and contribute to the entire SAP SMB ecosystem, win awards based on the performance, network with other SAP partners and curate technologies with SAP product experts and solution architects. Attendees also witnessed innovations around AI and Machine Learning inculcating into systems – SAP gamification and time-based coding, AI image processing, etc.

SAP-Business-One-and-Ecommerce-IntegrationSAP Application Development Factory

Another major aspect that was talked about in the event was the new SAP Application Development Factory – a service line totally dedicated to SAP software development. Though it is still in the pipeline and no preview is available, SAP has been able to build 2 applications with the help of the App Dev Factory.

Paulo Almeida, Global Head – Marketing for SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign took the center stage to discuss his thoughts on how to influence the buying behavior of customers and how can businesses leverage the best out of this situation. The session was one of the most interesting ones among the others as Paulo interacted with the audience on a personal level and strategized on how they can together cater to the customers better.

The New Web Client

With the launch of the new version of SAP Business One, a new version of the SAP Web Client has also rolled out for the audience – SAP version 10.0 Web Client. While this session was on for both the days, people gathered in hordes to see what the new web client looked like! With this native web client, SAP wants to offer its users a state-of-the-art experience. Inspired by the simplified interface of SAP Fiori and SAP UI5, version 10 web client will, however, be available to HANA users only. With the new web client, users will be able to customize better with enhanced flexibility and will also be able to give ready access to anyone, anytime. The web client is simplified and ensures that customers get a grip on it without much training. The features included in the web client are:

  • customizable login and home pages
  • for sales, users will be able to create sales quotes and sales orders
  • also, they will be able to view analytics and key reports
  • users will be able to use the web client to access their calendar and schedule meetings as well.
  • finally, users will be able to manage deliveries and returns from within the browser itself.

APPSeCONNECT at the SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2020

InSync was excited to be a part of this magnanimous event which was filled by SAP experts and enthusiasts, business owners and merchants and SAP Users from all around the world. We were glad to showcase our product, APPSeCONNECT, a smart and robust integration platform that connects multiple systems to SAP and facilitates perpetual business growth. Our Head of Global Business Development, Mr. Subhajit Goswami was at the stage to talk about how easily other systems can be integrated with anyone’s existing SAP applications and how this would benefit the organization and all its employees on a whole. Present in booth #19, Subhajit talked about how a smart iPaaS solution can easily connect systems with SAP seamlessly and can be deployed anywhere, on cloud or on-premise. With APPSeCONNECT, users will get the option of using either pre-built connectors or building their own way via the API-led connectivity. With this, APPSeCONNECT ensures customers will gain improved efficiency, save processing time and reduce data errors.


It was a great 3-day event for meeting new people and networking with the brightest minds around SAP. The dinner in the grand hall of the Palma Convention Center was a huge hit where almost 700 people gathered to munch on some of the finest Spanish cuisines.

We were glad to meet our SAP partners – Mr. Daniel Champox from Forgestik and Lindsay from Signum Solutions to discuss opportunities around SAP innovation and integration.

The overall event was a great hit and we are excited to meet more people in the SAP SMB Innovation Summit, Mexico. With continuous development and enhancements in the application, SAP proves to be one of the most stable ERP solutions and we expect them to roll out more innovative tech in the coming future. If you are an SAP user or an SAP implementer/partner, we would be glad to collab with you on opportunities around SAP integration and establish a partnership that can skyrocket our business. To get in touch with us, kindly click here.

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See you next time!

SAP-Business-One-and-Ecommerce-IntegrationNow, you can easily connect your SAP ECC with the Ecommerce store or CRM to automate the business process!

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