SugarCRM : Best Practices for Sales Users

The moment you realize online business is more profitable than offline business conducted from brick and mortar offices or outlets, you are ready to take the next leap. The challenge lies in choosing the correct e-commerce platform, which would create a sustainable business model for you and provide stability. To start-up an online venture it is important to think for the future as because your business growth generates new needs.

One of the way, in this selection process, is to compare these software as a service utility tool to off shelf the selection. The software used can be provocative due to valuation of the implementation or quick deployment time. The mode of operations in these e-commerce platforms are coherent of updates which are of new technological array.

Every e-commerce platform has its pros and cons and longevity depends on your business model. Selecting any platform at minimal cost forces you to migrate but then again the current e-commerce platform which you are using should be an open source.

The Sustainability in e-commerce depends on the following:

  • SEO/ Advanced SEO : Ranking for visibility of your web page is the top most priority in e-commerce platform because of its market popularity and competition.
  • Customized Reporting : This is the key strategy to run the online business with the information work flow. This process allows the exact data export which is required. You can get the exact data without any hassle. The process is more viable because you can reduce data redundancy as there is no manual input.
  • Custom Workflow : In case you require a simple customization in workflow, you will not get a code specific version for your business. The alterations made in the workflows will hit all customers, therefore adding small unique field to the checkout procedures can be difficult.
  • Multi-Store Options : Your business will grow, hence a multi store option has to be one of the requirements in your priority list. Supposing, you are a cell phone supplier and you would like to maintain different e-store on the same platform. Make sure the e-commerce platform you choose supports it.
  • Shipping and Delivery : This is the most crucial hook, you can buy and sell but how will you deliver? Time is also a big factor in delivery, so make sure your chosen e-commerce site supports your logistics related needs.

The e-commerce platforms which have gained good recognition in the market are Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Prestashop etc. In the present scenario, ERP Software is a very good option for managing the business rush in the e-commerce platform. Online market is booming these days and the business stands on your CRM activities. To make things large do use the best of breed service. Make sure you use a connector to connect your e-commerce and ERP seamlessly to streamline your e-commerce and take the sole control.