If you are searching for a leading open source platform with built-in high-quality modules, then you must choose Magento, which provides highly steadfast solutions for any eCommerce business. For all the online retailers, It’s an excellent resource packed with a series of features to help improve customer experience, marketing, site management and much more. In the modern era of e-business, more than 200,000 merchants in the globe have their businesses built on Magento Enterprise/Community Editions and on Magento 2. Now-a-days, the Marketplace offers a pool of solutions designed to upgrade the existing features of your online store.

However, as we all know that Magento is an open-source and highly relied on extensions from third-party developers to enhance its performance – today’s we bring in front of you “Top 5 Magento Extensions” that are inevitable to run a successful online business.

pickPack by Moogento

Among all the other Magento extensions, pickPack is one of the top. With optimized Pick Lists and Packing Sheets, it increases warehouse efficiency. It’s stunning invoices help to broaden the number of repeat sales and also help online retailers to lift sales with good-looking PDFs. pickPack also helps to improve Invoices and packing sheets by changing their design, adding discount coupons and other call-to-actions (CTAs); adding review reminders, customizable by store; including forms on the sheets and returns info. This particular extension with it’s wide range of offered options, could help your company’s image more memorable, increase sales and reduce time spent on support. To mention further, this extension is much more compatible with all released versions of Magento, vastly reducing the difficulties with its installation.

Pickpack Magento Extension

Sweet Tooth

It’s a loyalty points and rewards extension that lets merchants reward customers for steadily buying. The solution systematically integrates and has been shown increase sales. This cost for this Magento extension is $399 for a standard license and $999 for a platinum license.

Sweet Tooth Magento Extension

Magento WordPress Integration by FishPig

FishPig designed WordPress Integration is a special extension for Magento eCommerce, which helps you to integrate your WordPress blog with your Magento store. You will find this particular extension very compatible with Magento Community, Magento Professional and Magento Enterprise Edition with about 15 used language support. This extension is very popular for it’s highly scalable features. It’s a free-to-use extension with easy installation technique integrated via Magento Connect without any further requirement of any core Magento or WordPress file modification. You can use your Magento theme for your WordPress blog easily and also by the help of this extension, you have an ample scope of associating your WordPress posts with your Magento products. Moreover, your URLs will be same when you integrate your existing WordPress blog, there by not effecting your Magento store SEO.

FishPig Magento Extension

Price Slider Daffodil

Price Slider is a Magento module, which smoothen users to see products in certain price range according to their choice. When a shopper is shopping a product, he/she always keeps the price range in mind. When you shop online, the significant benefit you get there is to filter items by their price range Price Slider Daffodil gives users that particular opportunity to filter items. This slider is highly user-friendly and allows you to specify a range of prices when looking at your products.

Price Slider Daffodil Magento Extension

Fooman Speedster

This free extension uses the Minify Library to combine, compress, and cache Magento’s JavaScript files and CSS; thereby improving the measurable performance significantly.

Fooman Speedster Magento Extension

Yotpo Reviews

If you discuss about top rated modern Magento extension. Then you have no scope of omitting the name of ‘Yotpo Reviews’, which indeed has a wide range of functionalities. You can generate hundreds of thousands of contents, images and reviews easily without consuming higher amount of time and resource allocation. It also provides your clients with the prospect to assess reviews or feedbacks directly on your Magento store, not going somewhere else. These options will help you to drive huge traffic, increase conversion rate as well as improving the conversion rate optimization (CRO) score, there by boosting sales for your online business. You can use this extension’s basic version for FREE of cost but to use some premium features, you have to opt for it’s paid version.

Yotpo Magento Extension


This renowned Magento extension is designed for the companies focusing on the administrative functions, outsource complex etc. This extension stands in #1 position in the Featured Extensions list, thereby addressing sales tax challenges with AvaTax. The processes of exemption certificates management, sales tax calculation, payments remitting across multiple tax regions and returns filing become more affordable and faster. The process of working is like – their tax decision engine determines rates based on more than 100,000 taxability rules in over 11,000 taxing jurisdictions and instantly use them for a specific transaction within your Magento shopping cart.

Avalara Magento Extension



It’s another addition to the Magento B2B extension list – a unique product by InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd, using which you would be able to transform your Magento store into B2B platform enriched with a lot of potential functionalities. It will also help your business buyers with a notable eCommerce experiences. Upon using it, you will get the following outstanding features:

  • Contact Person and Sales Rep Accounts
  • Customer specific discount for all products
  • Customer specific – product specific price
  • Customer specific tier price
  • Customer Specific Catalogue
  • Credit limit as Payment Method

B2BMage Magento Extension

For more detail information, you are kindly advised to visit InSync B2BMage page

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