top erp packages to integrate with magento

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, is a business process management software which allows an organization (small scale, medium scale or enterprise level) to use integrated application based system to manage the online business properly and automate many back office functions which actually have a perfect correlation with services, human resources, technologies etc.

Magento is a highly flexible, enterprise-class open source eCommerce platform; which provides powerful features like product browsing, catalog browsing and management, customer accounts management, product orders, payments, shipping managements and more for entire e-business.

When you are about to choose a particular ERP module for your small, medium or large scale e-business, you need to take a strategic decision with highly research and planning before orientation. It also depends on the size of your company, business processes, the present accounting system, and key features of the ERP solution that you design to use.

Now when you as a business decision maker/thought leader, decided to pick the best ERP software (or packages) to integrate with Magento, here are 5 clear options defined below:

SAP Business One / SAP ECC

It’s a high priority ERP software which you can seamlessly integrate with your Magento eCommerce to help your online business to meet B2B as well as B2C need including real-time data, inventory, orders, items, customers, payments sync. You can connect your Magento with SAP via custom SOAP-based services, IDOC, and batch processing. The SAP is the leader when you are looking for ERP integration solution for your online business. It contains wide range of modules including accounting, logistics, Human Resources, Business warehouse and intelligence and many more.

Given below are some important features of SAP – Magento integration:

  1. Exporting orders from Magento platform to SAP ERP
  2. Customer import from SAP ERP to magento platform
  3. Importing promotional pricing, catalog, inventory from SAP into Magento


Once you successfully integrate SAP and Magento, you will get some instant benefits for your e-business including automatic and accurate financial entry, auto update of order status, real-time stock sync to avoid ‘out-of-stock’ scenario, quick order processing to save huge amount of time and eliminates manual effort by doing so and finally significant increase in online sales and traffic boost.

APPSeCONNECT is an integration platform which allows businesses to seamlessly connect their Magento ecommerce platform with SAP business one/ECC in fully bi-directional way.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

It’s an effective ERP software for multi-site international organizations which provide useful solutions for financial and operations management, human resources; streamlining the process of creating orders and customer accounts by enabling quick reorder process, improved delivery fulfillment, enabling multiple breakpoints, and integration with cloud-based financials and approval system. Microsoft Dynamics AX utilizes XML file-based integration to integrate with the clients’ other order fulfillment system with the below touch points:

  1. Importing catalog from AX to Magento
  2. Exporting orders from Magento to AX
  3. Importing order status (including order editing and updating) from AX into Magento
  4. Importing customer update function from AX to Magento
  5. Exporting “Customer create” function from Magento to AX

Extensive set of enterprise features for AX is also supported by Magento platform. It also offers incomparable flexibility and integrations starting from SEO capabilities to multi-store solutions, multi-currency, multi-languages and many more.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

It’s a global ERP solution (software/package) that provides small and medium scale e-businesses higher control over their financial entries, simplifying manufacturing, supply chain and operations. Moreover, this ERP takes quick time for implementation and very easy to use as well as user-friendly. It also brings business applications, data, documents, and devices together to generate optimal results for your online businesses.

Magento eCommerce platform can seamlessly be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and provides some key features given below:

  1. It helps you to manage your cash, assets, and banking
  2. You can track and manage your production, inventory, orders, and vendors through proper integration.
  3. You can tirelessly manage your campaigns, sales opportunities, contacts, and service contracts
  4. Real-time visibility and analytics for insightful performance tracking
  5. Create estimates, track projects, and manage capacity.


Moreover, if you are searching for a proper integration solution for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP with your Magento eCommerce platform, then APPSeCONNECT is an ideal solution for your e-business which allows you to seamlessly connect your NAV with Magento for bi-directional and automatic data exchange between them.


It’s a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning solution for mid-size businesses (SMEs) which provides clients with real-time data and reporting to enable more discerning decision-making helps accelerate the order-to-cash process. Online businesses that use this ERP along with scalability and flexibility of Magento as their open source eCommerce platform are authorized to be most successful in the market.

Businesses integrating Magento with NetSuite, always have some key features as given below:

  1. It can import shipments from NetSuite to Magento
  2. Product data managed in NetSuite to update in Magento
  3. Export customer and order data from Magento to NetSuite
  4. Magento Side Queuing feature ensures that customers do not have to wait for data to be accepted in NetSuite

Sage ERP

This ERP solution not only helps small or mid-size businesses, but helps large-scale industries to mage their accounting and finances, manage payments, make invoicing simple; deliver real-time information to help make business critical decisions and expand your business without compromising much in efficiency.

Some Key Magento and Sage ERP integration touch points are:

  1. Sales order
  2. Status update
  3. Product details
  4. Inventory details
  5. Customer information
  6. Payments and shipping


It’s another state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning software/package which you can integrate with Magento, delivering the flexibility, choice and quickness to make strategic decisions and eradicate waste. The sole focus in on enhancing customer responsiveness, reducing costs, and streamlining processes.

Key touch points of Magento Epicor integration includes:

  1. Inbound cash receipts and sales order in Epicor
  2. Inbound customer and inventory update, inbound shipment create, and inbound product update at Magento
  3. Consolidated invoice, outbound inventory, customer export, outbound product, outbound posed invoice, shipment export, outbound sales order in Epicor ERP

Other ERP Packages:

Beside the top ERP packages described above, Magento eCommerce is highly versatile platform, which you can easily integrate with dozens of other ERP software solutions including:

  1. JD Edwards
  2. Eclipse
  3. Infor
  4. IBM AS400
  5. Personify
  6. Full Circle


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