Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the finest and most stable ERPs in the market today that has helped thousands of business owners streamline their line of operations. It is a solution that is tailored to help small and medium-sized enterprises by automating and unifying their sales, purchases, account and stock management processes. Microsoft Dynamics NAV optimizes the day-to-day operations of a business (including data, documents and devices) by amalgamating the business applications and their functions. Whether on-premise or on the cloud, NAV promises to deliver the same consistency in the user experience. With more and more businesses opting for NAV, here’s a checklist of the best advantages this ERP provides.

The Best Benefits of Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

Financial and Account Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP helps greatly in terms of financial and account management for an organization. The assets of the business need to be monitored regularly and NAV’s finance management module does just that! Moreover, NAV also takes care of the cash and banking aspects of the business and facilitates and smooth running of operations. Due to the robust digital accounting functionalities, the chances of error and data redundancy is also minimized.

Supply Chain Management

For merchants and business owners, Microsoft Dynamics NAV also maintains the supply chain and streamlines the operations. Owners can easily track and manage their production status and orders and also maintain proper inventory. NAV also helps merchants in evaluating and finalizing business with vendors and maintains a directory for the vendors. With NAV ERP in place, an organization seldom needs to worry about their supply chain management.


Reporting and Power BI

Another great advantage that Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers to merchants is the natve integration of Power BI that helps in enhancing the business visualization as well as the visibility for the most used lists in NAV. The contextually relevant Power BI reports helps employees view their business conveniently and provides a holistic approach to the operations. By offering real-time visibility and reports/analytics to track performance, NAV not only helps in streamlining processes but also lets merchants take critical and insightful decisions. What is even better is that all of this is inclusive within Microsoft Dynamics NAV and does not icur any additional costs.

Multi-currecncy Support

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers seamless multi-currency support for organizations who wish to expand their business to a global level. This is highly demanded since businesses operating globally need to maintain stringent currency rules in order to ship. Dynamics NAV also provides support for multiple languages and helps businesses scale their operations even beyond the geographical borders. What is interesting is that along with multi-curency and languages, NAV also has some regional specifications and can be easily mapped with the operations.

Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a great tool to efficiently undertake the project management sector. It helps employees in creating proper estimates, manage capacity and capabilities and track the projects and progress down the line. It also supervises in maintaining the delivery time along with proper quality check. Managers can easily assign, transfer and combine projects to suit the requirements of the business.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a unique ERP since it overcomes the challenges of traditional ERP systems by aligning all the operations of an organization to its end goals. With the combined power of Cloud, Dynamics NAV allows work from anywhere, anytime and via any device. Designed for agile and scalable implementation, NAV is a business solutions that enriches the business growth and improves business flexibility in order to achieve the organization’s needs. While these are some of the benefits that Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP offers, there is still a lot more up its sleeve. For that, keep a check on our next blog!

Now, you can easily connect your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP with the eCommerce platform/CRM system to automate the business process!