SAP Business One 9.1, latest release from SAP is already in Ramp Up. Selected Customers are getting access to test the initial features of this new version. And as obvious based on this initial test, some feature change/bug fix will happen.

One of the Key Features which SAP Business One users were always looking at, is really the simplest requirement. Some features, some fields, some buttons which are unnecessary for their business operations should be hidden, that means simply some changes in the UI of SAP Business One forms. This is now possible with SAP Business One 9.1 because it is introducing the UI Change and Hide functions which is really a good enhancement.

How to use UI Change and Hide Functions in SAP Business One 9.1?

  1. Go To Tools ->Edit Form UI
  2. Open the required Document or Form from the available form options
  3. Drag and Drop the fields, buttons and rearrange the look & feel that best suit your business needs
  4. Right Click on any field and make it hidden
  5. Save the new UI Arrangement

After opening up any Form in UI Edit mode, when you select and right mouse click on any field, you will get 3 options:

  1. Hide
  2. Disable
  3. Restore Default

At any point during or after the UI Changes, if you want to restore the field’s position to its standard place, you can use ‘Restore Default’ feature.

Which forms can be updated through this UI Change and Hide Functions in SAP Business One 9.1?

  • Business Partner Master Data
  • Item Master Data
  • Sales and Purchasing Documents
  • Journal Entries, Journal Vouchers, and Chart of Accounts
  • Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Inventory Transfer, and Inventory Transfer Request
  • Incoming and Outgoing Payment

What will happen with my UDFs arrangement?

UDFs now you can drag to the main form screen, making it very easy for data entry.

How to use Hide Functions in SAP Business One 9.1?

Hide Functions allows you to hide some features/functionalities which are not required for your business operations.

Administration-> System Initialization -> General Settings -> Hide Functions

Using the Hide Functions, business can customize SAP Business One features and can use a light/thin application than the standard one which is ideal for their business. The features which can be hidden through Hide Functions are:

  • Budget
  • Payment Wizard
  • Dunning Wizard
  • Cost Accounting
  • Serial Numbers and Batches
  • Production
  • MRP
  • Unit of Measures

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