WooCommerce AdRoll Integration

WooCommerce has added AdRoll Integration, which is probably a great update for the e-commerce store owners!
It has been announced that the AdRoll ad/email retargeting platform is now integrated with WooCommerce. WooCommerce had also added Square for offline payments.

In One Post about the integration, the Product Manager of AdRoll, Kelly Eng wrote:

“With this latest integration, you’ll be able to target every site visitor with dynamic product ads on the web, in a Facebook News Feed, and even in the inbox….”

Michael Couvaras, business development manager at WooCommerce said:

“We’re excited when we see tools that let store owners spend less time on technical configuration and more time on growing their business. The AdRoll integration is a user-friendly way for merchants to run retargeting and dynamic product ads without the help of a developer,”.

Even a small or a medium-sized retailer can use WooCommerce and AdRoll and thereby create dynamic ads for the web and Facebook that are targeted to site visitors based on their browsing behavior and any relevant info in the retailer’s customer relationship management system. Let’s have a look at the screenshot of an ad using AdRoll:

Ad using AdRoll

If a visitor on a retailer’s site is looking at a WooCommerce product page for a pair of shoes and puts the shoe in the shopping cart but leaves without buying, then AdRoll can send follow-up ads to the user on sites in the network of ad exchanges it uses along with Facebook.
If the user is positively identified across multiple devices by a login, the ads can follow her across devices. AdRoll always maintains its own behavioral profiles of the respective users. These ads are dynamically updated at any point with the updated new price, image or description from the WooCommerce catalog.

WooCommerce said this is the first time it has partnered with a major U.S ad tech company as the other ad tech relationships have been with European companies. Apart from this, AdRoll is the first platform that allows WooCommerce clients to use dynamic product advertisements.

There is no charge to sign up or to integrate AdRoll into a retail site and the pricing is the percentage of the advertisemnt spend.


    1. The plugin places the AdRoll pixel so we don’t need to place any code on our site.
    2. A cart segment and a checkout segment is created automatically and so we can set up a cart abandonment campaign in a flash.
    3. We can track back the number of sales and amount of revenue driven by the AdRoll campaign using an automatically-created conversion segment that passes back exact conversion values easily.


    1. Sign Up for an AdRoll account. After signup, AdRoll will check the URL you entered for a WooCommerce store.
    2. Now,click on “Connect with WooCommerce” and then authorize AdRoll to connect with your wocommerce store.


    1. Now click on “Install WordPress Plugin” and install the plugin – the install button is at the bottom of the page.
    2. IMPORTANT: once you’re redirected to the plugin page, click on the “Activate Plugin” link.

Install AdRoll Plugin For WooCommerce

  1. Your WooCommerce Store is now connected! The cart, checkout, and conversion segments are already created and ready for you to target.

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