Zoho, one of the most popular business apps around the globe, achieved a significant milestone by exceeding $1 billion in revenue by the end of 2022. While the platform is widely meant for and embraced by the small and mid-market segments of companies, we have also gathered several valuable experiences by catering to the needs of enterprise organizations through Zoho. To understand and acknowledge the contributing factors to the vast popularity of Zoho among large enterprises, we conduct and engage in customer blueprint sessions and interviews that yield valuable insights into how Zoho Enterprise does it.

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Here are some key takeaways from our findings!

Key Factors Driving Zoho’s Traction among Enterprise Customers

Zoho Supplements the Enterprise IT Landscape

In our research, one of the primary insights we came across was the fact that enterprise clients typically maintain existing core systems that run deep within their organization and its operations. For example, within this segment, the demand for Zoho Books is limited since these customers already have a long-established ERP system.

However, instead of a complete system overhaul and implementation of an entire solution, these businesses are seeking to augment their existing applications with Zoho’s product offerings.

This strategic approach allows the organizations to leverage the best of both worlds, enhancing their capabilities with seamless integration.

What are the potential applications and use cases that enterprise customers are exploring from Zoho?

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These findings generally pertain to areas of operations where the current applications are falling short of meeting the requirements of the business and the needs of the customers. Let’s dive in to see how the Zoho suite of applications caters to these businesses:

Zoho CRM

This flagship product from Zoho comes in handy and proves invaluable for sales and customer-facing teams. Its widespread popularity and usage stems from the fact that most enterprise ERP solutions lack CRM capabilities and functionalities and hence employing CRM is the only option. Zoho CRM stands out for its easy affordability, making it accessible to a large user base across the globe. Also, with its seamless integration with existing ERP and other applications, organizations can fulfill all their CRM needs without disrupting the existing workflows. By correctly leveraging Zoho CRM, enterprises can manage their customer interactions, streamline sales processes and enhance customer experience effectively.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a widely adopted choice among organizations requiring maintenance of assets, warranties and service request tracking. Unlike traditional ERPs, that generally lack the capacity to effectively monitor all these activities, Zoho Desk emerges to be a comprehensive solution catering to all the specific needs of businesses. With accurate Zoho Desk integration with other ERP applications, organizations can unlock added value and experience a complete helpdesk solution. This integration ensures that enterprise organizations manage their assets efficiently, address service requests promptly and maintain high service protocols.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is tailored to help enterprises in project management and enable seamless collaboration among the project teams. It serves as an add-on/extension for organizations that have already implemented a financial system and need a robust project management solution. With Zoho Projects, enterprise organizations can effectively plan, track and execute their projects, ensuring delivery on time and optimal resource utilization. By offering a centralized platform, Zoho Projects enhances team collaboration, productivity and project success within the organization.


Agile, Intuitive Applications for Enterprises with Quick Goto Market

Every enterprise is different and has its own set of unique requirements that demand agile solutions. Zoho Creator empowers enterprises by enabling them to create custom applications quickly, suited to their specific needs. This is a highly coveted feature among enterprises seeking solutions that precisely resonate and align with their business requirements.

Zoho Creator is a prime example of an application that bridges the gap among enterprise applications seamlessly. It stands out as one of the perfect no-code application development platforms in the market, that caters to the custom needs of any organization. Known for its user-friendly interface and design, Zoho Creator simplifies the onboarding process for enterprises, facilitating rapid familiarization and minimal to no platform training for employees.

Enterprises are Getting Smart with IT Budget

Nowadays, enterprises are becoming more and more savvy with their IT expense strategies. The entire suite of Zoho offerings is an appealing proposition for organizations because of affordability and lower cost of ownership. This cost-effectiveness makes Zoho a coveted option for enterprises that enables them to quickly deploy the solution across a large user base without being burdened by huge overhead costs.

To add to this, Zoho also provides a “pay-as-you-go” model that further contributes to reducing operational costs for enterprises. This model of pricing facilitates flexibility and allows organizations to scale their usage according to their business needs, thereby optimizing budget allocation.

With Zoho, enterprises can also save significantly on IT infrastructure and maintenance costs. Since the Zoho suite of applications is all cloud-based and requires minimal hardware setup, the need for dedicated IT professionals to manage and maintain servers and software updates has been greatly reduced, resulting in streamlined operational costs for enterprises.

Zoho is Enterprise-ready

Zoho is rightly suited for large enterprises and stands tall as their ideal choice, thanks to its comprehensive features that include:

  • Scalability
    As enterprises grow, their software needs also grow and Zoho empowers enterprises to accommodate their evolving software requirements efficiently. As businesses expand, Zoho facilitates the flexibility to add more users and features without necessitating any major investments in the existing infrastructure.
  • Integration Capabilities
    One of the key features that sets Zoho apart from other platforms in the market is its robust and rich API structure that offers exceptional integration capabilities. This availability of APIs enables organizations to seamlessly integrate Zoho with their existing suite of applications, ensuring data accuracy and cohesive user experience across the organization.
  • Automation and Customization
    Zoho’s automation features stand as a cornerstone of innovation and enable enterprises to streamline their business processes, enhance efficiency and save time. These features allow businesses to automate their repetitive tasks, workflows and processes to significantly improve operational productivity. By automating tasks such as data entry, notifications and follow-up actions, Zoho aims to streamline organization-wide operations and reduce manual work.
  • Moreover, the ability to customize workflows and applications according to specific business requirements makes Zoho a popular and sought-after platform among enterprises seeking tailored solutions. This level of customization ensures that organizations can precisely align Zoho’s functionalities with the organization’s workflows and objectives, resulting in maximized value derived from the platform.
  • Comprehensive Support
    Zoho goes the extra mile and offers comprehensive support options including extensive documentation, forums, knowledge base articles, and round-the-clock customer support teams. This readily available support feature ensures that the enterprises have required access to help and resources whenever needed, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless experience with Zoho.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

Zoho has successfully established a distinctive brand image for itself that resonates with the objectives of leading enterprises around the world.

  • Reputable Brand Name and Local Presence
    Zoho’s esteemed brand reputation and widespread recognition as a trusted and reliable partner, coupled with its strong presence in the local markets and partner network makes it an attractive choice for enterprises seeking to streamline business processes.
  • Comprehensive Support
    Zoho offers comprehensive support options including extensive documentation, forums, knowledge base articles, and round-the-clock customer support teams. This readily available support feature ensures that the enterprises have required access to help and resources whenever needed, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless experience with Zoho.
  • Thriving Marketplace
    The Zoho marketplace is a testament to its growing influence and success among enterprise customers. With an expected milestone of surpassing 1 million extensions by 2023, this marketplace serves as a cohesive hub for users to access a wide variety of extensions and integrations, enriching the experience with the entire Zoho suite of products and services. Below are some of the key statistics associated with the growth and success of the Zoho marketplace.

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Zoho Integrations for Increased Enterprise Adoption

While the Zoho One Suite offers a comprehensive array of nearly every feature that a small to mid-sized company may need, specific integrations, such as the following, play a pivotal role in driving Zoho’s adoption within larger enterprises managing complex IT environments.

Zoho CRM and ERP Integration

Popular ERP solutions like SAP Business One, SAP S/4Hana and SAP ECC require an agile CRM solution to manage sales processes and operations efficiently. Among the other SaaS-based CRM applications, Zoho CRM stands out credited to its flexibility, brand recognition and affordability. Integration of Zoho CRM with applications such as SAP Business One, SAP S/4HANA, MS Dynamics NAV and Sage 300 further simplifies the bidirectional data flow, ensuring data integrity and consistency and facilitating a unified view of critical business data.

Zoho Desk and ERP Integration

Zoho Desk offers a complete service and helpdesk solution. Its seamless integration with ERP applications enables organizations to seamlessly manage service requests, maintenance orders and asset information, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced customer support experience.

Zoho Commerce and ERP Integration

Zoho Commerce offers enterprises the flexibility of launching eStores quickly. The Zoho Commerce and ERP integration supports the sync of pricing, orders, inventory, and catalog information, allowing enterprises to efficiently manage their online stores while ensuring data consistency and accuracy across their business processes.

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About Zoho

Zoho, originating in the 1990s, remains a privately held enterprise. With a user base of more than 100 million and a portfolio comprising over 55 products, it stands as one of the largest SaaS companies catering to small to mid-size clientele. Zoho Corporation, a distinguished global tech entity, presents a cohesive suite of applications meticulously crafted to streamline business operations and elevate productivity.

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From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools ensuring efficient customer interaction management to eCommerce solutions empowering online businesses to thrive in competitive markets, Zoho’s offerings span a wide spectrum of business needs.

Moreover, Zoho Desk, a multi-channel customer support software, consolidates all customer interactions, ensuring businesses seize every opportunity to foster positive customer relationships. These applications, alongside numerous others, underscore Zoho’s unwavering commitment to providing robust, innovative solutions for businesses across diverse industries and sizes.


Zoho presents a compelling business proposition for mid and large enterprises, in addition to the small businesses it already serves. Positioned uniquely, it fills the void between high-end enterprise-grade ERPs by providing an intuitive and cost-effective alternative. With a flourishing ecosystem of partners, system integrators, and marketplace offerings, the application is poised to capture a larger market share in the enterprise segment. Its quick implementation, scalability, reputable brand name and recognition, and comprehensive support options make it a formidable choice for enterprises looking to optimize their business processes.

As Zoho continues to expand its global footprint and enhance its offerings, it remains committed to addressing the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Opting for Zoho translates to selecting an efficient, dependable, and cost-effective solution for your business needs.