API Usage Limit in Salesforce- essential for external data exchange

Salesforce is the leading CRM system available in the market. A huge number of organizations use Salesforce CRM along with some other systems, like eCommerce, ERP, HRMS, WMS, Marketing Automation Tools etc. according to their business need. In most of the cases the required data exchange between Salesforce and external systems happen through the default APIs. There is fact which need to be understood at this point, API Usage Limit in Salesforce.

API Usage Limit

Let’s take an example of an Organization who would like to transfer 50,000 Product’s Pricing Updates at a time from ERP to Salesforce using APIs, or an Organization using Salesforce Plugin ‘File Exporter’ listed in AppExchange to export 25,000 documents to their internal system for safekeeping; in these case the user might see the error message ‘REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED’.

What is this error?

If the users carefully research they will see that 15,000 Records has been processed and after that the process stopped. This is because Salesforce CRM has a default Limit of executing 15,000 API Calls Per Organization Account of Salesforce. After this limit is reached you will see the above mentioned error message in any further data exchange process.

How to increase the Limit Permanently or Temporarily for a Period?

Permanently increasing the API Usage Limit or increasing API Usage Limit for more than 2 weeks, both fall under the same category, and for both cases you need to request your Salesforce Account Executive and discuss this matter.

For increasing the API Usage Limit on a temporary basis, less than 2 weeks there are procedure. Through temporary increasing the limit you can perform specific operation for which you require more than 15000 API calls. For example, like in second example where the user need to transfer 25000 documents from Salesforce, this strategy is perfect.

  • Log a Support Case in Help & Training Portal, you need to include below elements
  • Whether the system admin is authorized to place this request and know the implications of such request
  • Organization ID of Production/Sandbox where you need to increase this limit
  • How many API calls needed on top of 15000 Limit?
  • For which duration you need this- it need to be less than 2 weeks and these 2 weeks can’t be concurrent 2 weeks
  • Why you need to increase this limit?
  • Is it related to data migration or data integration?

If the case is data migration:

  • How many records or objects?
  • What batch size?
  • What tool will be used? Is it bulk API?

In case of data integration:

  • What specific API calls and how many?
  • What application?

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