Microsoft has just released MS Dynamics NAV 2015 and it has been made available for download on the PartnerSource Portal from 1st October, 2014. For more information about MS Dynamics NAV 2015 please refer following link:

So, what are the changes made by Microsoft in new version? I thought to install it at first and one of my colleague asked me to show the installation of MS Dynamics NAV 2015. I searched “How to install Dynamics NAV 2015” in google, but the expected result was something else.

So here I am writing the steps to install Dynamics NAV 2015 basic installation. I am installing it on virtual system, which is already with

– Windows Server® 2012 R2 64 bit
– SQL Server 2012
– Visual Studio 2013(Not mandatory)
– MS Office 2013(Not mandatory)

Steps involved to install MS Dynamics NAV 2015

1. Double click the Setup.exe in installation package.

nav 2015 setup

2. Click Next button in the window of Dynamics NAV 2015 Installation.

nav 2015 installation setup

3. After reading Terms and Conditions please click “I Accept” button to proceed.

nav 2015 license terms

4. In the next screen any of two option,

a. Demo installation: This is a standard installation type, which will install NAV 2015 Server, NAV 2015 Client, NAV 2015 development environment, MS Office Add-on for Dynamics NAV 2015, and a demonstration database with demonstration license.

b. Choose an installation option: This will give you custom settings for Dynamics NAV 2015. Choose this option to continue.

nav 2015 install demo

5. If you have selected 2nd option in Step 4 you can see the screen which will give you control to customize each feature installation, i.e. Client, Server, Developer.

nav 2015 install client

6. So, choose Custom Option in above screen, next screen has all the available features for Dynamics NAV 2015.

nav 2015 install customize

7. Now choose the following features:

  • Client -> Development Environment
  • Administrative Tools
  • Server -> Page Testability
  • SQL Server Database Components->Demo Database
  • Automated Data Capture System
  • Help Server
  • Click Once Installer Tools

After choosing the feature, clicked Next button in bottom of screen.

8. Next screen will show the required parameters, here you can change the parameters like

a. Installation directories of Dynamics NAV 2015, by default it will install under root drive as below:

nav 2015 destination folder

b. You can change following parameter “SOAP Service Enabled” to “Yes” by default it was set to “No”

specify parametres

c. Then Delete SQL Server Instance name, and give a name as per your wish for the SQL Server Instance for NAV 2015 Database. Otherwise Setup will create another SQL Server Instance, and there NAV 2015 database will be created. There is no harm if anyone choose to create a separate instance of Dynamics NAV 2015.

d. Next, we have to specify the Database name, as it will install the Demo Database e.g. Demo Database NAV 2015 (8-0)

e. Then Click “Apply” button in below of the screen.

nav 2015 database

9. Next screen you may get a warning of not having a prerequisite “Windows Search”. You can ignore this warning as you are just installing a Demo Environment for Dynamics NAV 2015. If you don’t install Help Server, this prerequisite is not required. After ignoring this error “Help Server” Feature will not install.

nav 2015 install config

10. Then Click Next Button, and installation will start. The Next screen will show the status about installation of Dynamics NAV 2015.

nav 2015 installng setup

11. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the installation. After completion of installation, installation report can be seen. You can see here, Help Server is not installed, as this system does not contain “Window Search”. It’s Ok for you, later you can install Help Server if you require this feature.

nav 2015 installng report

As Dynamics NAV 2015 is installed successfully, you need to verify if it is working properly, by checking the features during installation.

Open SQL Server and checking the Database is created or not.

nav 2015 rdc

Ok, database is created as specified parameter Demo Database NAV 2015 (8-0).

Next Checking NAV 2015 Windows Service is installed or not, and you can see it’s installed and running properly.

nav 2015 services'

Everything looks fine, now you must check Dynamics NAV 2015 RTC Client, click on Dynamics NAV 2015 icon in start menu. RTC Client will look like below image.

nav 2015 bckend

In this version, Microsoft has provided three companies in Demonstration Database.

nav 2015 current connctn

Let’s check now the Development Environment of NAV 2015.

nav 2015 objct desogn

Everything is looking fine, that means installation is correct. Now our last but least concern about web services of Dynamics NAV 2015, so check Dynamics NAV 2015 System Services web service.

Url: http://localhost:7047/DynamicsNAV 201580/WS/SystemService

Copy paste above url to your favorite browser, If Webservice of Dynamics NAV 2015 feature is installed properly, we can see following WSDL screen in browser.

nav 2015 xml

Now, you can be assured that Dynamics NAV 2015 is installed properly. If any extra feature is required in future like, Office Add-on for Dynamics NAV 2015, Help Server etc. We can always update the Dynamics NAV 2015 by running Setup application once again.

Please provide your comments.

What is Next, I will explore Dynamics NAV 2015 new technical features and try to provide my best knowledge to new IT explorers.

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